Inland Oceans, Infinite Possibilities

Discover how your heart beats in Manitoba's Interlake

Our Attractions

Everything the Interlake has to offer! Click a tab to explore!

Outdoor Magic

Seek these interlake GEMS that will get your HEARTBEAT racing! Immerse yourself at a festival, visit a wetland refuge, discover art and heritage around every corner. Embrace the land, the people!

Reflections of the Past

Long before European explorers reached the Red River valley, around the time that ancient Greece was rising to power, Lockport and St. Clements were part of a bountiful region of hunting, fishing, and trading.“For the 3000 years before recorded history, native peoples came here to camp, hunt, and fish.

Roots & Connections

Encompassed in the Territory of Treaty 1, Treaty 2 and Treaty 5 First Nations the Interlake's riches of heritage, nature and culture are offered for the people's of today seeking guidance from the “spirits of our ancestors”. We continue to Celebrate through song and dance, through food and story telling to keep the connections to our roots alive and strong!

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The Arts Alive

ART is inspired by the water, the nature of the artists' surroundings here in the Interlake. From Art Shows to Fine Art Galleries we have a bit to please all.

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Larger Than Life

Explore our “Larger than Life” statues dotting the landscape of the Interlake, read the stories, snap a photo for your own “Adventure Scrapbook!” Make Day Trips out of snapping your own photos at each location.

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Tasty Temptations

Let your nose dictate the path you follow…. right to the Interlake! Intriguing culinary delights… you’ve found the culinary beat as you feast on the vast array of styles in preparing one of the Interlake’s well know delicacies…our amazing pickerel (walleye) fish. You'll find some version on most menus. Discover the enticing delights at our Interlake “from scratch 6 Unique Eateries in Rural Manitoba” locations.

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On The Farm

A Day on the Farm... Having FUN on the farm in the Interlake! From picking berries, buying fresh veggies or discovering grass-fed meats. Come explore a corn maze, take a trail or sleigh ride, get scared out of your wits at Halloween, or find a farm friendly petting zoo - there are so many options to explore.Watch for Open Farm Days on September 16th. Go explore farms where some of your food comes from... kids love the animals, you’ll love the wide spaces and fresh country air while you’ll learn more about life on Manitoba farms...

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In Our Communities

Discover How Your HEART Beats in Our INTERLAKE Communities! Embrace nature, discover heritage, explore the arts & culture... our communities offer a lifestyle that embraces this and more. Enjoy yourselves, we want you to feel like you have come home.

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Where You'll Stay

Bed & Breakfasts, to Campgrounds with tenting up to the large RV's, or go to one of our Motel/ Hotel options in most of our Communities. If looking for unique experiences check out the Resort Accommodations

We Suggest

We suggest these Interlake GEMS you don't want to miss!

Lemiez Statues

A rebirth has happened in the northwest area of the Interlake! Armand Lemiez, a painter and artist, originally […]

Interlake “BARN QUILT” Trail

Quilts have always told a family’s story; it’s like their DNA! Join us as we are “Quilting our […]

New Iceland Heritage Museum

Discover the tales of this unique chapter in Canada’s history at the New Iceland Heritage Museum in Gimli. […]

Marine Museum of Manitoba

Who’d have expected a marine museum on the prairies?  This historical attraction makes Selkirk a must-see for marine […]

Festivals & Events

Interlake “BARN QUILT” Trail

October 22, 2022

Halloween Family Dance – Green Acres Arts Centre

October 28, 2022

Retro halloween Movie Night


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