About Us

The Interlake Tourism Association (ITA) is a non-profit membership-driven organization. Our new Vision and Mission statements reflect well on the goals of the association.

Our Vision

Manitoba’s Interlake is a tourism destination of choice

Our Mission

To entice visitors by sharing our stories, showcasing the passion of our people, and revealing the history of our inland oceans and infinite possibilities

Association Priorities

  • Assist in marketing & promoting the Interlake region and its members
  • Enhance & build regional memberships & strengths
  • Provide a Regional Voice in the tourism industry
  • Provide training and networking opportunities for members
  • Two levels of membership
  • Municipal/ Town/First Nations (see Community Profiles for list)
  • Industry – may include business or groups/ organizations (see Members   Directory)
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Join our digital travel guide through the Driftscape app, a mobile app that provides a platform for local organizations/businesses to share site-specific stories, tours, and events/services. LEARN MORE!

NB: The Tourism Manager is under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors with representatives of each Municipal member and eight (8) Industry representatives from the region.