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Big Tree Park

  Big Tree Park (Parc Gros Arbre), located at Sandpiper Beach, is a must-visit when you are in St. Laurent. Big Tree Park Park is an inviting park great for picnicking and beach. The highlight of the park is the Big Tree which somehow survived the dreadful flood in 2011. Visitors are encouraged to take […]

MTT Service and Restaurant

One convenient and delicious establishment in St. Laurent is MTT Service and Restaurant. Providing Gas, Grocery, Dining, Ice Cream, Cannabis and more. MTT has it all and is a must to stop when visiting St. Laurent.

Lakeview Garden Restaurant

Lakeview Garden Restaurant has everything you’re craving. From hard ice cream to milkshakes to banana splits, it doesn’t end there. Lakeview Garden Restaurant is the perfect place to visit on a hot summer day! Besides cold treats Lakeview Garden carries Take-Out Chinese food that will warm your tastebuds. Need a commercial net for fishing? Lakeview […]

Lockport Community Development Group

Lockport, Manitoba is not just any ordinary community. It is a place where local business owners have banded together to create a truly unique and collaborative experience for residents and visitors alike. By organizing events and forming partnerships with various establishments, they have successfully turned Lockport into a thriving tourism destination. From seasonal festivals to […]