Narrows Sunset Lodge – Lake Manitoba Narrows


Get ready to escape the city and embark on an unforgettable adventure at the captivating Narrows Sunset Lodge! Set on the awe-inspiring Lake Manitoba, just a breezy 200 km from Winnipeg, this enchanting hub is where the action unfolds nonstop.

As summer sizzles, watch The Narrows Community burst to life with enthusiastic seasonal wanderers, beach bums, campers, and anglers alike. But the fun doesn’t stop there – when winter arrives, it’s time for ice fishing and snowmobiling. Need a cozy nook to warm your toes and fuel your dreams? We’ve got you covered!

Indulge yourself in our one-stop wonderland with everything your heart desires: a tantalizing restaurant, a lively bar and lounge, a well-stocked store, and even a hotel to rest your weary bones. Did someone say party? Bring life’s special moments to our conference room or let us host your dream wedding. With full-service beer and liquor on hand, the memories are just waiting to be made.

Our main lodge has got it all – six cozy units (two with hot tubs so you can relax in style!). Craving some socializing? Join us at our buzzing tavern with VLTs or dine in our fabulous licensed dining room. Feel like stocking up for fun? Don’t forget to visit our store, beach, children’s playground, and laundromat.

To refuel, drop by our gas bar, and for some outdoor adventure; we’ve got the perfect campground just for you. Fishermen and hunters, get ready for the best experience of your life – catch a variety of fish species or hunt deer, black bears, game birds, and waterfowl in allotted areas. When you need a break from the excitement, you can’t miss our nature and historic lake tours, serene sandy beach, walking trails, or guided expeditions.

Why wait? This year-round paradise is just two hours from Winnipeg and easy to access by road. Escape the hustle-bustle and come experience a true outdoor utopia.

Call for more info at (204) 768-2749

Directions: Found on Lake Manitoba, on Hwy 68 at the Narrows of Lake Manitoba 189 km ( 118 miles) northwest of Winnipeg

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