Lake Manitoba Tourist Village

LAKE MANITOBA TOURIST VILLAGE is envisaged as an ‘all-season campground and as an ‘International tourist destination’. It is being established in the nearly 300 acres of land on the shores of Lake Manitoba. Located at ‘Richard Point Road, near ‘The Narrows’ in the rural municipality of West Interlake, Manitoba.

This property has nearly 3.5 km of lake frontage and is close to the ‘Manitou island ’ in Lake Manitoba.

This project is being developed as a “Community Supported Tourism Project” based on the ‘Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farms’ model. A part of the establishment cost of the project is raised through Project membership and community partnership programs. The project members support the project through their membership fees. The Community Partners would share their time and resources with the project members either voluntarily or for a fee.

Both the project members and the community partners enjoy the benefits of the project based on the terms of their membership /partnership agreements.

We hope to open the project to the public by 2021 July,01.

  • The 1st phase of the project will have all day camping (8 am to 11 pm) with facilities for tenting, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, etc…
  • In the 2nd phase, we will have overnight camping and fully serviced RV lots/vacation residences.

When fully functional, this project will be an all-season project, offering:

  • vacation residences including RV parks,
  • campsites,
  • Hobby farms,
  • facilities for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, Tubing, ATV trails, biking, horse rides, etc…. and
  • winter activities such as ice fishing, skiing, snowmobile, ice skating, etc…

We are also planning to install an inflated water park for the benefit of our members.

We offer a few hobby farm units:

  • The hobby farm units include 2 acres of land and a permit to install a vacation residence in this piece of land.
  • The unitholders will be allowed year-round access to the project, maintain a garden or a farm with a few animals and/or birds subject to the municipal bylaws and restrictions.
  • The unitholders will be legally responsible for all the liabilities arising out of maintaining their hobby farms.
  • If you have a dream of setting up a hobby farm, please send us your concept to initiate a discussion process.
Grounds Map


GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 46.2185417, Longitude: -63.5941771