Geocaching is changing-smaller caches, power trails and multiple puzzle trails are very popular, and it still remains one of the best ways to showcase planet Earth. With nearly 3 million active geocaches hidden around the world, and over 15 million geocachers worldwide this phenomenon allows us to showcase the Interlake’s hidden beauty for you.

As an adventure seeking traveler or a heritage explorer you’ll plan your trips to the Interlake to find those “off the beaten track” options we offer when you come to explore this area of vast and interesting terrain, back country roads and unique stories you can learn about.

What makes geocaching such a popular activity is its universal appeal. Anybody can go geocaching regardless of their age, gender and physical abilities. All that is needed is a hand-held PS device [or most mobile phones], access to the Internet and a keen sense of adventure. View: to give you an idea of the location with a map, and provides the exact coordinates of the geocache. After entering the coordinates in your GPS unit your adventure begins. Great for team building, families or make it into a party of friends exploring places you’ve never been. You’ll learn of places, history and great stories in our communities!

Geocaches range in size; most geocaches contain a log for you to record your find. The larger ones often have small trinkets inside for trading, things that kids just love to do. The unwritten rule is if you take something from the cache, you should leave something of equal or greater value.

Geocaching is still a growing activity around the world – allowing travel to places you have never been with the ability to safely find your way back – just make sure your GPS batteries are fully charged! Expand your horizons this year – give geocaching a try. Plan a “treasure hunting tour” of our Interlake caches by following one of the geotrails, perhaps the Interlake Pioneer Trail with over 25 caches or the Cream Truck Route Challenge in the Eriksdale area.

As you wander along a sample cream truck route, you’ll learn a bit of history and have fun figuring out the clues. With a twenty (20) cache challenge involving finding a highlighted letter in each log book, you then have to unscramble the 3 words to receive a certificate proclaiming you an “Official Cream Truck Driver”.

Another part of geocaching is collecting and trading trackable items such as a Geocoin or a Travel Bug. The Interlake Tourism Association produced Geocoins in 2008, 2010 & 2012. These Geocoins have Tracking numbers, allowing you to log on to and track a coin around the world. Perhaps you will be lucky to find one of these beautiful coins representing heritage and nature around our region.

Perhaps you will be lucky enough to snag a geocoin at on of our Interlake caches. We strongly suspect some new caches to go out in the region giving you another great reason to visit!

Learn more on geocaching basics at: It’s free to join, so get out there and enjoy the experiences.