Nature & Wildlife Viewing

With more than 96,000 acres of Manitoba Wildlife Management Areas, places where wildlife & nature are protected and flourish, you may “just come across” your special place in Manitoba’s Interlake!

Around every corner in the Interlake is a natural haven for species of all kinds- Eagles to white-tailed deer, elk to black bears, wolves to grouse, moose to a goose.

Slow down, take time to breathe, and check out the sites you see on your next drive along an Interlake highway! Take a walk along a country lane or on one of our numerous trails.

You’ll see the small animals in nature, and the many varieties of plants and insects that keep an ecosystem alive.

We’re on the flyway of a wide variety of migratory birds; here in the Interlake, we are a birder’s paradise. Open your eyes to the world around you, enjoy the gifts of nature. Here are some natural highlights of this magnificent area.