Municipality of Bifrost Riverton

A Haven for Nature in the Municipality of Bifrost-Riverton

  • Riverton is home to Manitoba’s largest moose – “Lundi Moose” which sits on the grounds of the Riverton Transportation & Heritage Centre.
  • Hnausa Provincial Park on Lake Winnipeg has sandy beaches, playground, dock/ marina for boats.
  • Arnheidarstadir, a Historical Site monument, is located east of Arborg on Highway 68, honours Johann Magnus Bjarnason, noted pioneer, author, poet, and teacher.
  • The scenic Icelandic River, marshes and creeks excellent for hunting and fishing & birding.
  • Betsy Ramsay Gravesite, in the Sandy Bar area, is a municipal heritage site honouring John and Betsy Ramsay, for their help with the early settlers in the area. Recently, the refurbishment of the gravesite took place and is now much improved to go and visit.
  • Ledwyn Pioneers Monument commemorates immigrants from Ukraine, Poland, Iceland, Germany and Britain who arrived starting in 1907. Ledwyn once had four stores, a hall, and a post office.
  • Icelandic walking bridge is open in Riverton, complete with LED lights for nighttime walks and seating in the middle of the bridge, over the center pier that remained from the old bridge.
  • Statue of the Sigtryggur Jónasson, “The Father of New Iceland”, stands proudly beside the new bridge.
  • Gateway and last minute shopping before Hecla/ Grindstone/ Beaver Creek parks.