RM of Gramhamdale

A “View” of the RM of Gramhamdale


The RM of Grahamdale is a local government body. They have a community development corporation that focuses on events in the Municipality, such as country markets and Christmas Light Competitions. Their biggest tourism attraction would be Steep Rock, as many people come to enjoy the Cliffs and Beaches.

  • Steep Rock Limestone Cliffs – awesome when you walk on them or see the reflection from the water. Watching a
    sunset from here is a special occasion. A bed of crocuses peeks through the snow each spring on the top of the cliffs.
  • Steep Rock Beach Park -a great place to get away and relax during your camping vacation.
  • St.Martin & Gypsumville residents are living on or in an Asteroid crater- the largest in Western Canada.The crater was created about 214 Million years ago, and is one of the best preserved in Canada & one of two or three best in the world.
  • Explore the heritage of the area at the Moosehorn Museum.
  • Wayside Park in Moosehorn is home to the tallest flag pole in the Interlake.
  • There are 1,007 kms of well-groomed snowmobile trails of which 95% are bush.
  • Hilbre Beach boat launch – travel the shores of Lake St.Martin and enjoy a day of fishing.
  • Fairford Bridge is a great spot for fishing and photo opportunity of gulls,
    pelicans and loons with Benson’s Big Rock Resort great for getaways of all kinds.
  • A great area for hunting enthusiasts for waterfowl and big game.