RM of Gramhamdale

A “View” of the RM of Gramhamdale


  • Steep Rock Limestone Cliffs – awesome when you walk on them or see the reflection from the water. Watching a
    sunset from here is a special occasion. A bed of crocuses peeks through the snow each spring on the top of the cliffs.
  • Steep Rock Beach Park -a great place to get away and relax during your camping vacation.
  • St.Martin & Gypsumville residents are living on or in an Asteroid crater- the largest in Western Canada.The crater was
    created about 214 Million years ago, and is one of the best preserved in Canada & one of two or three best in the world.
  • Explore the heritage of the area at the Moosehorn Museum.
  • Wayside Park in Moosehorn is home to the tallest flag pole in the Interlake.
  • There are 1,007 kms of well-groomed snowmobile trails of which 95% are bush.
  • Hilbre Beach boat launch – travel the shores of Lake St.Martin and enjoy a day of fishing.
  • Fairford Bridge is a great spot for fishing and photo opportunity of gulls,
    pelicans and loons with Benson’s Big Rock Resort great for getaways of all kinds.
  • A great area for hunting enthusiasts for waterfowl and big game.