Wild Wanderings

Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) exist for the benefit of wildlife and for the enjoyment of people. The Interlake’s abundance of WMA lands play an important role in biodiversity, conservation and provide a place where the public can engage in a wide variety of recreational activities, including hunting, trapping, berry-picking and wildlife viewing.With twenty-eight WMAs, totaling almost 600,000 acres, a wide range of habitats and wildlife species are present.

From the wetlands and grasslands of Oak Hammock Marsh WMA, to the aspen parklands of Narcisse WMA and the boreal forest of Mantagao Lake WMA, the sights and sounds of wildlife abounds.Marvel at the vista of thousands of Canada geese returning to their wetland roost at sunset, the sight of slithering masses of red-sided garter snakes newly emerged from their winter home and the sound of bugling bull elk on a cool September morning. The many roads, trails and waterways found in Interlake WMAs lead to unique adventures and lasting memories. For specific information on Interlake WMAs.

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