River Road Heritage Parkway

Following the scenic Red River this 11 km. Heritage road was an 1800’s settlers cart path and the first “highway” in Manitoba. It offers visitors multiple interpretive displays, walkways, and historic landmarks to stop at such as the Scott House (just a shell), Twin Oaks (private home), built in the 1850s as a private girl’s school.

On the corner of St. Andrews Rd & River Road, you’ll discover St. Andrews-on-the-Red Anglican Church and St. Andrews Rectory. St. Andrews Rectory is undergoing a regeneration, with new exhibits to tell the history of the area, as well as offering programming all summer to enjoy with your visit. Programs available for kids and adults as well as families.

Watch for updates on events: http://www.standrewsrectory.ca/.

A bit north at 417 River Rd. is the Captain Kennedy House and its fabulous English Gardens. At the north end is the Hay House, still a private Residence since 1861.

For detailed history on this area see: https://redrivernorthheritage.com/download/5059/

Location/Directions: Hwy 9 to PR 238 north of the Perimeter Hwy 101.