St. Andrews Lock & Dam

This 100+ year old connection across the Red River is not just a bridge, but a lifeline for residents & visitors. The project is one of two of its type in the world & took 10 years to build. A movable dam with floodgates, that could raise at any time, was very important due to the ice jams in the spring that could cause damage to a permanent structure. With an under estimated cost of $150,000 in 1910, the budget was broken when the final cost on completion came in at a whopping $3.5 million. Built to regulate water levels to allow for larger size ships to pass, St. Andrews Lock & Dam at Lockport has provided access for freight and passengers to open up trade routes from Winnipeg to Lake Winnipeg. Superb fishing in this area.

Location/Directions: Lockport east off Hwy 9

GPS Coordinates: GPS-N50 04.957 W 096 56.527