Netley – Libau Creek Marsh

Access from Hwy 9 at Netley or Hwy 59 at Libau

Netley- Libau Marsh, at the south end of Lake Winnipeg, extending from Netley (in St. Andrews) to Patricia Beach (in St. Clements) on the Libau side of the marsh, forms an important link between the Red River and Lake Winnipeg.

Ongoing research in this marsh is vital to improve the quality of these inland coastal wetlands, one of the largest in Canada.  Historically, it’s natures’ cleaning machine for nutrient overload of the water from the Red River before it enters Lake Winnipeg. Vital to the health of Canada’s 6th Great Lake, (designated a Manitoba Heritage Marsh).

Netley- Libau Marsh provides habitat for waterfowl & is excellent for bird watching and is designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA) by Bird Studies Canada and the Canadian Nature Federation. It is in danger of falling to the nutrient overload and misuse over the years with research and efforts ongoing to bring it back to its glory.

As an outdoor enthusiast, this is a spot you will return to time and again. Hunters flock here in the fall as birds gather to feed and ready themselves for the flight south. Local outfitters provide hunting blinds and guiding in the area.

Location/Directions: Access from Hwy 9 at Netley or Hwy 59 at Libau