Heritage Treasures of the Red River North

If you are a Manitoba history buff then this is for you. Catch up on the Red River North Heritage information in a downloadable pdf format or read it online. Covering from the beginnings of the timeline of early Indigenous settling to places and things you can still see this will be an enjoyable journey […]

Narcisse Snake Dens alive with activity- Sunny Days are Best!

Don’t miss out on one of the most exciting and fascinating places to go at this time of year. Spring is here, the leaves are coming out, the grass is greening up and out comes the hordes of Red-Sided Garter Snakes at Narcisse, Manitoba in the heart of the Interlake. This is the largest concentration […]

“The Mouse that Roared”- Press Release

– the little art gallery with the big he-art just got a whole lot bigger! Its full steam ahead for Bulrushes Art Gallery as it navigates the ever changing and sometimes turbulent currents of the Manitoba art market. Bulrushes Gallery, located just outside of Winnipeg Beach, is celebrating its fifth year with an ambitious expansion. […]

Manitoba Amphibex program ‘had to write the book’ on odd art of ice-breaking

Insect-like machines have taken their lumps over 14-year history of ‘made-in-Manitoba solution’ to flooding Every Manitoba Amphibex operator approaches the art of ice-breaking a little differently. Each has their own tricks for clawing the hefty amphibious machine onto river ice with its toothy excavator arm. Some are even particular about what music they have bumping inside the […]

We Don’t Disappear in the Winter!

There is something about freshly fallen snow that gives a sense of peace and calmness to our lives… that is until you need to shovel the sidewalk, clean the driveway or the fight the daily traffic to work! How about not doing that this March? How about you leave the city and the traffic behind […]

Perseids meteor shower in Arborg, Manitoba – Canada

It is hard to get up at 1.30am when you are on holiday, but the extra effort is always rewarding. I could not shoot on peak, and on the 14th I had a tight gap of darkness between moon set and twilight, but this still gave me a good 1.5hrs. It was quite misty, but […]

Manitoba’s South Interlake ATV Club is proud of its trail and riding

The Interlake Pioneer Trail (IPT) is something the club is very proud of and it wants to see more of these trails in the future; members are actively working toward this goal along with the other ATV clubs around the province. Andrew Hardie has been chairman of the SIATV Club for a year now but […]

Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site named as one of Top TEN sites

Named as one of the Top Ten National Historic sites the sturdy old fort was selected for their wide array of activities they present to have people relive the heritage of the Fort’s history. From tours to learn of the different China patterns,or times for kids that get “to do Fort Trade Work” you will […]