2nd Annual Interlake Tourism Development Grant Funding announced

Interlake Tourism Association is pleased to announce our 

2nd Annual ITA Tourism Development Grant Funding

The program provides financial support for projects that develop new or enhance existing, tourism products. Projects must contribute to the core Manitoba tourism experience, a unique blend of cultural and nature-based attractions and travel experiences.

Applications are due April 12, 2019. The grant will fund up to $2,500 for projects that develop new or enhance existing tourism products.

ITA Tourism Development Fund Guidelines_ 2019
ITA Tourism Development Fund Application – 2019

Please contact Gail McDonald (interlaketourism@mymts.net, ph: 1-877-468-3752) or Tammy Dziadek (tdziadek@eastinterlake.com ph: 1-204-378-5106 ext: 1) if you have any questions regarding the grant or to discuss the project scope and eligibility.