Gimli High School reaches Gold Level in Tourism Training

The CATT program is offered through the Manitoba Tourism Education Council and it’s Canadian organization. This program offers courses in tourism education, customer service training, Ambassadorship program as well as hands on work experience within the tourism industry.

While many students start this course without the view to having a career in toursim sometimes it is an awareness of the number of careers possible in this sector.
Reaching the Gold Level as a school has taken time and dedication by the staff and a committment by the Evergreen School Division. The community also reaps the rewards as these students seek volunteer work time in Tourism activities.

The following is a quote from a Canadian student that pursued an education starting with the CATT program.

“I feel very lucky to have done all of this in only four years. To be honest, I’m not sure what I would be doing if it wasn’t for CATT. I may not have continued my education in tourism, and may never have pursued travel services as a career. Through CATT, my  organizational skills, communication skills and  self-confidence improved.. Because of what I learned in CATT, I knew I was pursuing a career that I would love and that I will remain passionate about forever.”