Heritage Treasures of the Red River North

If you are a Manitoba history buff then this is for you. Catch up on the Red River North Heritage information in a downloadable pdf format or read it online. Covering from the beginnings of the timeline of early Indigenous settling to places and things you can still see this will be an enjoyable journey for you, both reading it and seeing it.

Use this as a road map for day trips out to the Red River North area and take time to see these oldest buildings, like the oldest Anglican Church in Western Canada, situated on River Road. Or go to St. Peter’s Dynvenor Church across the Red River and north of Selkirk to discover the history of Chief Pegius and the founding of that church and area.


Thank you to the group of dedicated historians from the Red River Regional Tourism group, along with many other contributors to put this information together, and for sharing it with all of us.