Marine Museum set for upgrades

Manger Shaylene Nordal explained the grant will help put a dent in the $100,000 worth of renovations and upgrades to the facility’s SS Keenora.

“The wheelhouse on the Keenora needs to be replaced. It’s weathered over the years and it’s at the point where the wheelhouse is leaking into the main decks of the Keenora,” said Nordal. “In order to keep the artifacts safe we need to lift it and replace the decking and then fix the walls of the wheel house itself.”

The SS Keenora has been a part of the museum since 1972-73. In Nordal’s 20 years at the museum the Keenora wheelhouse has been painted, but there have been no major restorations.

“This is just one piece of the puzzle that we put together,” said Nordal of the funds from community places.

“It’s quite a significant project and it is quite important to the museum because the Keenora is the main ship here at the museum,” she continued. “It houses most of our artifacts and without the Keenora we wouldn’t have a museum. This is a major restoration, it has to be done.”

Renovations to the SS Keenora, depending on funds, could start as early as later summer. Nordal said the project will not be completed until next year.

Article from by Amanda Lefley