Museum display beckons couples headed for matrimony

New Iceland’s executive director Tammy Axelsson says the CMC exhibit features more than a dozen wedding gowns spanning the years from the 1800s Victorian era right through to the 1970s. Opened appropriately during Valentine’s Week, the exhibit will remain in Gimli until the end of April. “I think this exhibit will have broad appeal,” Axelsson says. “Young couples should be very interested because this is the height of the wedding planning season. Older people will want to come to reminisce and revive special memories of their own weddings.” The executive director said Gimli school classes will also visit the museum to see the multi-coloured gowns and hear a presentation from a CMC curator. They will learn — from written panels placed strategically around the exhibition — that wedding rituals were observed as early as 4000 BC in ancient Egypt. They’ll find out as well that Queen Victoria introduced the white wedding dress when she married her consort Albert in the 1800s. Signifying purity and cleanliness, the white wedding dress was a widespread international custom by the 1950s except in China where white was associated with mourning and not celebration.