Narcisse Snake Dens alive with activity- Sunny Days are Best!

Don’t miss out on one of the most exciting and fascinating places to go at this time of year. Spring is here, the leaves are coming out, the grass is greening up and out comes the hordes of Red-Sided Garter Snakes at Narcisse, Manitoba in the heart of the Interlake.

This is the largest concentration found anywhere in the world, people travel from miles around and a variety of countries to see this phenomenon that is just an hour and a bit north of Winnipeg, Mb.

Take Highway 7 north to Teulon, they turn left onto Highway 17. Keep following the signs for Narcisse, they are clearly marked once you are north of the hamlet of Inwood especially.

Note along the road as you get closer to Narcisse the “snake fences” – do you know why they are there?

A film crew was in the den with special permission the day I visited. Best viewing on a sunny day, with this season being a bit later as it’s been cooler than normal.

Zoom in by their camera and you’ll see some activity.