The Interlake

The group of about 60 Interlake Tourism members and guests were thrilled to watch Janine Thaddeus do a Hoop Dance. Starting out with one hoop and leading up to using 6 at one time Janine led us thru the intricacies of this dance as many of the figures she made showed animals such as the eagle.

Next up was Justin Paul Sinclair, who is both a singer with Loud Eagle and a Fancy Dancer. In his colourful regalia he entranced the visitors with a dance about the Prairie Chicken and other animals.

All guests where asked to join a Welcome Circle Dance which led to the crowd joining hands and dancing in a circle as the Loud Eagle Singers & drummers played. Following the dance everyone was extremely ready for the awaiting dinner as the appetites had been stimulated by dancing in the fresh September air.

Note: Justin Paul dances on the stage that is part of the teepee stage at the Leigh Cochrane Memorial Visitors Centre in Fisher River Cree Nation.