“The Mouse that Roared”- Press Release

– the little art gallery with the big he-art just got a whole lot bigger!


Its full steam ahead for Bulrushes Art Gallery as it navigates the ever changing and sometimes turbulent currents of the Manitoba art market. Bulrushes Gallery, located just outside of Winnipeg Beach, is celebrating its fifth year with an ambitious expansion. Since opening in 2014 this mighty little gallery has become a choice destination for Manitobans with an interest in fine and affordable original Canadian art. For the past five years this hidden gem has offered rediscovered art treasures by many of Manitoba’s and Canada’s best artists spanning the past seven decades. The gallery has a diverse collection that offers something for everyone.

In recent years the art market has seen many ups and downs with many Western Canadian galleries closing their doors. ”This is a real loss for our communities and for our artists” said Bulrushes Gallery curator Tim Wall. Art is an important aspect of a community, culture and civilization. Art helps make a house a home, it expresses who we are, and can fill our lives with colour and hearts with joy. Wall went on to say “The art we choose tells others a little bit more about who we are, it helps define us. Empty walls always make me sad and room’s seem incomplete. I encourage people to be bold and not be shy in expressing themselves through the art that they hang on their walls. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot either.”

Bulrushes Gallery is sailing upstream and adding a second art space adjacent to its first gallery at 809 Kernstead Road, 3.5 k west of Winnipeg Beach. This second gallery space will celebrate and showcase exceptional works of art by some of Manitoba’s finest contemporary artists. These talented artists include; Roger LaFreniere, Hugh Rice, Bibiana Vidal Curell, Eric Ouimet, Ed Kornachuk, and Jerry Rubin. Along with these wonderful visual artists the gallery will feature for the first time unique and whimsical sculptural creations by Cheryl Tordon and one of a kind jewelry pieces by Linda Goodman.

Bulrushes Gallery continues to offer a choice collection of rediscovered fine art and Canadian pottery from all over Canada. Returning artists include; metal art by Janet Dornian, spectacular glass creations by Wendy Seversen and June Derksen , magical sculptural pieces by Cindy Flynn and Susan Sutcliffe, stunning decorative and functional pottery by Colleen Chamberlain and Nancy Crozier and precious porcelain works by Jo’Anne Kelly.

Bulrushes Gallery begins its new season on June 1st and will be open Saturday and Sundays from 12:00 to 5:00 P.M. until September 15th.  The gallery is also open by appointment throughout the week. To learn more about Bulrushes Gallery visit www.bulrushesgallery.ca, call 204-794-8903 or email bulrushes@mymts.net.


Tim Wall

Bulrushes Gallery