We Don’t Disappear in the Winter!

There is something about freshly fallen snow that gives a sense of peace and calmness to our lives… that is until you need to shovel the sidewalk, clean the driveway or the fight the daily traffic to work!

How about not doing that this March?

How about you leave the city and the traffic behind and you take a drive north of Winnipeg to the Interlake region, pick any highway heading north of the Perimeter, go see what is happening in the small towns and communities that make the Interlake a vibrant, active place to live, work and play.

On any weekend, and most evenings during the winter you will find families at the local arena, playing and watching hockey, figure skating or perhaps at a family skate night where all ages gather and visit while they get some exercise. Late evening rentals for the older guys that still get out to practice and play keep the lights on until well after midnight some days.

Check out the local curling rink, as many of these offer lessons for youth, and sometimes for adults that have never curled. Most offer “stick curling” now with the aging population as it is easier on those joints with less risk of falling- as some of us might do! It’s a great participation sport as well as friendly rivalry between teams.

You would actually be surprised by the activity that happens out in the country in the winter season. For many farm families, this season is an opportunity to see their neighbours, to take part in sporting activities and of course to discuss the weather. This is the time you could learn and experience many things in rural Manitoba that you may have never known about or you may have forgotten over the years.

Take a drive north on Highway 8 to Gimli on March 2nd & 3rd for one of the largest winter festivals in the Interlake. It’s Gimli Ice Fest, with activities suited for entire families. From ice car racing to motorbike racing and young kids on sleds moving across those ice tracks at great speeds, to kissing a frozen fish and then giving it a toss to gain the win. How about learning to ice fish, watch kids play hockey on the marina ice at the harbour in Gimli?

The Vikings even come to play and fight that weekend, setting up a village. There is tea and bannock served by the Riverton Friendship Centre, art displays in nearby Gimli Art Club and room to stay at the beautiful Lakeview Gimli Resort. Of course, you can’t miss out on shopping at Tergesen’s for that unique, seldom found “item” you just “have to have”!

Of course, you could try your hand at ice fishing, as many avid fishers enjoy all winter long, but if you’ve never tried it and wish to give Icebound Excursions a call they will take you out- it’s a superb, relaxing way to give it a try!

Come for a Ride!






Give Ice Fishing a Try!

Should none of this suit you, go northwest for some of the best snowmobiling you will find within a two to three-hour drive. Up in the Grahamdale/ Moosehorn/ Steep Rock area on Highway 6, you will find snowmobile trails in excellent condition, well maintained and groomed, with cabins and rest stops among trails that are well treed. See: https://snoman.mb.ca/img/snoman-map-central-full.jpg for an interactive map of these trails.

Or perhaps a quieter time, to snowshoe or cross country ski- how about a weekend getaway to Hecla Provincial Park and Lakeview Hecla Resort. With indoor pools, sauna, hot pools, water slides and more this is truly a winter paradise retreat for families or couples.

You never need to be bored in the winter, you just need to look a little more, search out some of these tremendous winter activities and remember… Interlake people don’t hide in the wintertime, they just change their pace, matching the season, so it’s a great time to visit and explore…and find a slower pace of your own.

Photos by SHL Photography