Boundary Creek Farms

Greetings. The new season is upon us! As we make preparations, we invite you to consider joining us to secure your share of our farm’s bounty.

There are a few changes we are making this year. We have added an Individual/bi-weekly share. This is simply a small share, but you will only pick up every other week. It will run the full length of the season, for 8 pickups.

Also, we have decided to retire from the Arnes Farmers Market and just offer shares from our garden. Thank you to everyone who frequented our stand and supported us there.

We have been through the driest season on record in 2021, to the wettest season on record in 2022, so it goes without saying that our hopes are for something right in the middle of those two for 2023. Hope to see you soon!

Geoff and Theresa

Email:  The “at” in the below email translates as @
boundarycreekfarm at



Boundary Creek Farm is located near Winnipeg Beach, MB, just a 45 minute drive from the north perimeter.

From Winnipeg, go North on Hwy #8 to Hwy #229.  Turn left on #229 and go 3 miles west to Rd. 16E.  Turn left and go south for half a mile.  Boundary Creek Farm is on the west side of the road (your right).

Our street address is 3036 Huminicki Rd