Watersong Farms

Adding to our already diverse province, Watersong Farms is host to a state-of-the-art simulated indoor river teeming with tens of thousands of steelhead trout just 20 minutes northwest of Winnipeg in Manitoba’s beautiful Interlake.

Built to raise a total of 140 metric tonnes of fish annually in fresh water, straight from the aquifer, recycled (98-99%) and nutrient-rich, enough to feed 10 acres of greenhouses.

ON FARM: Indoor aquaculture system producing Steelhead Trout. Smoke house/ butcher shop. Products: fresh/frozen poultry, trout [smoked, fillets, whole dressed]. Variety of meat products on site. Stay tuned for POP UP events happening on Farm. Please Call ahead for hours and to ensure availability.

Location/Directions: Hwy 67, east of Warren, or 11kms. west of Stonewall