Our Scottish Connections

Long ago the bagpipes wailed over the land of heather. The Scottish clans, some thrown off their land, needed a fresh start. Lord Selkirk, purchased land along the Red River in the Territories [now Manitoba], then sent settlers to start a new life. Arriving in 1812, they farmed, living along the Red River, many surviving only with the aid of the Indigenous people who taught them how to live in this foreign land. The Scottish Clans and visitors arrive each June for the annual Manitoba Highland Gathering, held in East Selkirk. Keeping alive the sights and sounds of the bagpipes, the tradition of the highland fling, the taste of haggis and the love of a wee dram of Scotch makes this a festival you don’t want to miss. Watch the tartans swirl and define the clans. Come to research your connections, see the Clan booths, emerse yourself in the heritage of the Scottish and Orkney Islands.