Peguis First Nation

Peguis First Nation, the largest First Nation community in Manitoba, lies 190 km. north of Winnipeg. They host their week long Treaty Days in mid July, celebrating their heritage, featuring live music, sporting events, other celebrations and contests.Traditional dance and drumming as well as singing competitions are the main components of their Powwow. See: for dates.

In line with story telling is one found in Canadian folklore about Manipogo, a lake monster said to live in Lake Manitoba, MB. The creature was dubbed Manipogo in 1957, however sightings have been told of since the 1800’s. Legends from the early Indigenous people’s have been handed down about a monster from 12′-50′ long, with a snake like head and humps on its body! Sightings reported as recent as 2011 by security personel patroling the flooded areas & 2012 at the outlet by Twin Beaches.