Winter’s Feathered Wonders: A Guide to Winter Bird Watching

  As winter blankets Manitoba’s Interlake in a serene quilt of snow, a remarkable transformation takes place in the avian world. Far from being devoid of life, the winter landscape becomes a theatre for an array of resilient and captivating birds. Join us on a journey into the heart of winter bird watching in Manitoba’s […]

Unveiling Winter’s Splendor: A Photography Expedition

Winter transforms Manitoba’s Interlake into a magical wonderland, where snow-draped landscapes and frozen lakes create a canvas of serene beauty. For photography enthusiasts seeking to capture the essence of this winter wonder, embark on an unforgettable journey with our guide to photographing the breathtaking landscapes of Manitoba’s Interlake.   Best Locations for Winter Photography: Gimli […]

Sipping Bliss: Experience the Best Hot Chocolate and Coffee Spots in the Interlake

Winter in Manitoba’s Interlake is synonymous with crisp air, snow-covered landscapes, and the perfect excuse to indulge in the warmth of heavenly hot chocolate and soul-soothing coffee. Join us on a delightful journey as we uncover the coziest spots serving the finest brews, promising to make your winter adventures even more enchanting.   1. Lillies […]

Exploring Our Holiday Markets and Festivals

  Holiday Alley in the historic downtown of Selkirk, Manitoba! – Thursday, Nov 16 – Sunday, Nov 19, 2023  Embark on a magical winter journey with Holiday Alley, a Red River North Tourism initiative proudly sponsored by IG Wealth Management. This enchanting festival transforms Selkirk’s historic downtown and Red River North into a vibrant […]

Cozy Cabin Escapes: Unwind in the Interlake’s Tranquil Wilderness

⬆️ Aaron’s on the Lake B&B Looking for a memorable stay in Manitoba’s Interlake? You’re in luck! From cozy cabins to luxurious resorts, the Interlake has it all. Whether you want to book a cottage stay or indulge in a quaint bed and breakfast, the choices are endless. Each stay offers its own quirky twist […]

Interlake Excellence: Celebrating Success at the Tourism Awards Night

What a Night! We’re thrilled to announce that the Interlake Tourism Awards Event on Saturday, October 28, 2023, was a resounding success! With 120 guests, 20 outstanding nominees, and 12 deserving winners, it was an evening to remember. Curious about the nominees and winners? Check out the Nomination Presentation to see the talent that shone […]

Spooky Fun: Your Ultimate Guide to Halloween in Manitoba’s Interlake

  Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re lucky enough to be in Manitoba’s Interlake region this year, you’re in for a treat (and maybe a few tricks). The Interlake area has a long-standing tradition of celebrating Halloween with gusto, and 2023 promises to be no different. Whether you’re a local or just […]

Embracing the Bounty of the Season: Interlake Fall Suppers 2023

As the crisp autumn air begins to sweep across the picturesque landscapes of Manitoba’s Interlake region, a cherished tradition comes to life once again – the Fall Suppers of 2023. This year promises a spectacular lineup of events that celebrate the season’s harvest and offer a delectable array of culinary delights, heartwarming community gatherings, and […]

Interlake Itineraries: Exploring Selkirk with PegCityLovely (Natalie Bell)

  Embark on a captivating journey through the picturesque landscapes and hidden gems of Selkirk, guided by the insightful perspective of Natalie Bell, also known as @PegCityLovely. In this blog, we delve into the heart of this welcoming City, uncovering a myriad of enchanting experiences, local favourites, and remarkable stories that showcase the rich tapestry […]

Icelandic-Inspired Explorations

Welcome, fellow wanderers, to a one-of-a-kind exploration of Icelandic-inspired attractions in Manitoba’s Interlake region. As we set forth on this extraordinary journey, we will unveil the hidden gems and historic sites throughout Gimli, Riverton, Hecla, Arborg, and Lundar. Join us in a virtual expedition that highlights and celebrates the Icelandic culture. Gimli New Icelandic Museum […]

Winnipeg influencer shares some love for Selkirk!

Winnipeg social media influencer Natalie Bell – aka PegCityLovely – spent a day in Selkirk last week and created a whole lot of buzz for the community. And more importantly, she was very impressed with Selkirk and wants to come back again and again. Last week she created dozens of social media stories, reels, and […]

Discover our Self-Registry Campsites

Welcome to the untamed beauty of Manitoba’s Interlake region, where adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts find solace in the serene landscapes of self-registry campsites. Nestled amidst lush forests, pristine lakes, and captivating wildlife, this blog unveils hidden gems and insider tips to create unforgettable camping experiences in one of Canada’s most enchanting destinations. Here’s a […]

Interlake Itineraries: St. Laurent, MB

  My Cabin St. Laurent, Manitoba, is a charming rural Métis community nestled in the picturesque Interlake region of Canada. St. Laurent is the oldest living Métis community in the world! Known for its serene landscapes and proximity to Lake Manitoba, St. Laurent offers a peaceful retreat for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. With a […]

Exploring Interlake Events – Where Extraordinary Experiences Await!

  Join us as we unlock the wonders of Interlake Events, a world brimming with adventure, culture, and natural splendor. Get ready to ignite your wanderlust and embark on an extraordinary journey that will leave you inspired, rejuvenated, and longing for more. Here are just a few of our favourite summer events that you have […]

Escape to Camp Morton Provincial Park, the ultimate weekend getaway!

Located just over an hour from Winnipeg, Camp Morton is the perfect quick getaway! Pack your bags and let the park enchant your soul!  Camp Morton Campground offers a variety of rental options including cozy cabins, tranquil yurts, and spacious campsites. Our personal choice was a yurt, allowing us not to have to worry about […]

Interlake Itineraries: 24 hours in Gimli with friends!

Welcome to our adventure in Gimli, Manitoba! If you’re seeking a perfect getaway for a night with friends, look no further than this charming lakeside town. Nestled on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Gimli offers a blend of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and a vibrant community. Check out this custom-made itinerary that highlights the […]

See the 6: Top Spots to find Hidden Gems

Come explore Manitoba’s majestic Highway 6! Ride through nature’s beauty, taking in pristine lakes, picturesque landscapes, and wildlife like you never have before. Whether you are a tourist searching for a new adventure, a family looking for lifetime memories, or the ultimate traveller seeking unmatched scenery from the open road – Highway 6 is your […]

Interlake Itinerary: Steep Rock, Manitoba

Steep Rock, Manitoba is a beautiful destination known for its stunning limestone cliffs, crystal-clear lakes, and picturesque hiking trails. Here’s a plan for a weekend trip to Steep Rock: Day 1: Morning: Start your journey early from your location to Steep Rock, Manitoba. It is recommended to have a car for easy transportation. Enjoy the […]

Tour Highway 8 in Manitoba’s Interlake

 If you’re looking for adventure, there’s one sure way to make it happen: take a trip down Highway 8 in Manitoba’s Interlake region. This scenic route gives you an epic journey through the Manitoba countryside and the vibrant culture of this community. Whether driving all day or embarking on day trips along Highway 8, […]

A Scenic and Serene Picnic Paradise: Manitoba’s Interlake

  Escape to Manitoba’s Interlake for a refreshing change of scenery. This serene region boasts breathtaking prairie vistas, crystal-clear lakes and rivers, and boundless opportunities for outdoor exploration. Discover the tranquility of this idyllic picnic paradise, complete with winding trails, diverse wildlife, and endless adventure. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly outing or a romantic getaway, […]

10 Clubs. 1 Passion. Snowmobiling in Manitoba’s Interlake

  Get ready for the ultimate snowmobiling experience in the Interlake! With 10 active clubs, trails covering a 100 km radius, and access to Snopasses for worry-free riding – this is winter adventurer’s paradise. Whether you’re looking for some of Manitoba’s best trail systems or want special rates and parking at accommodations along the way […]

12 Interlake Gems for Skiing and Snowshoeing Bliss this Season

Are you ready to experience a winter wonderland? Enjoy breathtaking scenery and invigorating outdoor activities at one of the 12 gorgeous cross-country skiing or snowshoeing destinations in Interlake! Come explore these pristine trails, make friends with other nature lovers, and leave feeling refreshed like never before. Oak Hammock Marsh Although the marsh is frozen for […]

Discover our Disc Golf

Don’t forget the DISC GOLF Interlake’s parks are now the perfect venue for disc golfers! With metal baskets popping up in green spaces, it’s never been easier to fling a hard plastic frisbee from hundreds of yards away. Get ready to show off your unique skill set and join this fun-loving counterculture that loves nothing […]

Uncover the Magic of Selkirk Manitoba in Any Season

If you’ve been searching for an unforgettable experience that will please everyone in your family, venture to the warm and welcoming city of Selkirk Manitoba. Located just 30 kilometers northeast of Winnipeg, adjacent to the beautiful Red River, this charming Canadian town boasts never-ending outdoor adventures and historic sites sure to delight kids, outdoor adventurers, […]

Interlake Ice Fishing: Tips on How to Have the Best Experience!

Looking to explore the outdoors and catch some of Manitoba’s interlake fish? Ice fishing is a perfect activity for winter adventurers – so why not try your luck in one of Canada’s most famously frigid areas? The Interlake is an ice-fishing paradise for all you hardcore, hard-water anglers! Our world-class ice fishing entices thousands of new […]

Find outdoor adventures in Manitoba’s Interlake!

Looking for a winter adventure? Look no further than the Interlake region of Manitoba! This beautiful area is perfect for snowshoeing at Oak Hammock Marsh, cross-country skiing, or ice fishing at one of our many derbies and tournaments. Get lakefront accommodations at Aaron’s on the Lake Bed & Breakfast to scout for the best ice-fishing spot. Take […]

Interlake Ice-Fishing Tournaments, Derbies & Events 2023

Manitoba’s Interlake is always alive with winter fun and excitement, none more so than when the area opens up to its favourite ice fishing derby’s and tournaments! These events are a great opportunity for family outings, or community gatherings where all ages can come together to enjoy winter in Manitoba while trying their luck at […]

Love Between the Lakes

The owners, Kim and Lisa, of KALS Vacation Rentals share their story of this beautiful A-frame vacation rental located one hour north of Winnipeg. Located community of Spruce Sands on the shores of Lake Winnipeg. This is the perfect getaway for families, outdoor enthusiast’s, or a romantic weekend away from the city. No matter what […]

10 Reasons to Experience Manitoba’s Interlake this Winter

When most people think of winter, they think of bundling up and staying indoors. But why do that when you can come to Manitoba’s Interlake and enjoy all the winter activities we have to offer? From ice fishing and skiing to snowmobiling and snowshoeing, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And when you’re ready to […]

Ice fishing in Manitoba’s Interlake

The Interlake is an ice-fishing paradise for all you hardcore, hard-water anglers! Our world-class ice fishing entices thousands of new and returning ice anglers. The cold winters make our region a popular hive for those looking for that next unreal ice-fishing opportunity. With access to the two largest lakes in the province, Lake Winnipeg and Lake […]

How to make the most of your day trip to Oak Hammock Marsh!

If you’re looking for a day trip that’s packed with activities, look no further than the Interlake! We’ve planned an itinerary that will take you on a loop around the region to a few of our favourite spots. Here’s a guide to making the most of your day trip. So you’ve signed up for an […]

Your Discovery Guide to a Family Getaway in Gimli Manitoba

Now that we’ve discovered how amazing our own backyard is, let’s plan the ultimate Gimli vacation! We’ve only skimmed the surface of discovering the Interlake region, let’s explore the hidden gems in Gimli we might not know about! Whether you live in or near Gimli or just want a break from the city, this small […]

Interlake Road Trip Ideas – Secret of 17

If you were travelling up Highway 7, you’ll have noticed the Highway 17 turn-off in Teulon. This route will take you straight up to Fisher Branch and beyond. Leaving the city limits, take Highway 101 to Highway 7, turn left on Hwy 17. You’ll explore a less-traveled route to some of the most fascinating sites […]

Tour Manitoba’s Interlake

Discover, explore and experience our region using the Digital Travel Guide through the Driftscape app! Find hidden the Interlake’s hidden gems – our places, events, self-guided tours, and quests. DOWNLOAD THE APP Check out this DEMO to help navigate your way through the app! Want to get your business/group/organization on the app? Email Melissa at […]

Meet our Interlake Makers and Artists (Directory)

Use this curated directory to shop from these talented Interlake Makers all year round! To access their online shops or social media links simply click on their image. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and community. On behalf of these talented artisans, we thank you for shopping local! Please confirm creation details with […]

15 Ice Fishing Hot Spots in Manitoba’s Interlake!

Catching that hard water “WINNER” in Manitoba’s Interlake… The Interlake, a prime ice fishing destination in Manitoba, no Fly in required, features great spots up and down the Red River, on Lake Manitoba & Lake Winnipeg, but don’t forget some amazing catches you’ll make on our smaller lakes. So no matter the season, no matter […]

Interlake Day Trip – Sandy Beach Edition!

TAKE AN INTERLAKE DAYTRIP TO SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SANDY BEACHES Our beaches are incredible. All across the shores of Lake Manitoba & Lake Winnipeg, you’ll find amazing Interlake sandy beaches that are perfect for a swim, a play in the sand or just to relax and soak up the sun. Great beaches are […]

The Ultimate Interlake Golf Tour!

  Manitoba summers are precious. For golfers, the idea of an escape from the stresses and everyday life to go somewhere and play a whole lot of golf prompts a whole lot of excitement. It centers on the question that all travelers – golfer or not – ask themselves: How can I get the most […]

Visit our 13 Interlake Larger than Life Statues

  View the Roadside Attractions section of our Guide! Explore our “Larger than Life” statues dotting the landscape of the Interlake, read the stories, and snap a photo for your own “Adventure Scrapbook!”   Check out this Google Map – Locating all Larger than Life Statues (VIEW FULL MAP BELOW) To take this map with you […]

10 Interlake Spots Connecting You with Nature

The Interlake has many places where wildlife & nature are protected and flourish, so you may “just come across” your special place to connect with nature in Manitoba’s Interlake! Around every corner in the Interlake is a natural haven for species of all kinds – Eagles to white-tailed deer, elk to black bears, wolves to […]

3 Self Guided Fishing Tours with 21 Interlake Fishing Hot Spots!

Catching the “BIG ONE” in the Interlake… The Interlake, a prime fishing destination in Manitoba, no Fly in required, features great spots up and down the Red River, on Lake Manitoba & Lake Winnipeg, but don’t forget some amazing catches you’ll make on our smaller lakes. So no matter the season, no matter your equipment there […]