10 Clubs. 1 Passion. Snowmobiling in Manitoba’s Interlake


Get ready for the ultimate snowmobiling experience in the Interlake! With 10 active clubs, trails covering a 100 km radius, and access to Snopasses for worry-free riding – this is winter adventurer’s paradise. Whether you’re looking for some of Manitoba’s best trail systems or want special rates and parking at accommodations along the way – check out snoman.mb.ca to plan your excursion today!

Our 10 clubs are responsible for grooming and maintaining approximately 2070 km of trails within the Interlake, linking a wide range of communities and towns within this region. All are volunteer-based and spend countless hours to maintain these snowmobile trails for the enjoyment of all Manitobans. Reminder: a SnoPass is required to travel these trail systems and is available for purchase through any MPI location.

Adventure awaits: Explore each club now and make memories that will last forever with friends on a safe & environmentally responsible Interlake trail! Here are 10 Snowmobile Clubs of the Interlake…

1. Lakeside Sno-Drifters Grahamdale, Hilbre, Faulkner, Steep Rock

Ready to explore Manitoba’s snow-blanketed terrain? Then join the Lakeside Sno-Drifters, and you can cruise through pristine winter wonderlands near Grahamedale, Faulkner, Steeprock, and Hilbre! From lakes covered in a rippling sheen of icy frost to winding hillsides blanketed white with powdery softness – all ready for your off-roading adventures.

2. St.Martin Power Toboggan Club Inc. St.Martin, Gypsumville

Explore the Northern Interlake’s Best Kept Secret and uncover a wonderland of 500 km of groomed trails, 3 cozy cabins, plus a large log cabin! The trails are wide open with easy-to-follow markers – grab your map from local businesses like St. Martin Garage situated along Hwy 6 & 513 for an unforgettable experience.

3. South Interlake SnoRiders Inc. Stony Mountain, Stonewall, Balmoral, Argyle

Join the South Interlake SnoRiders Inc. and experience an awesome sense of camaraderie among a community of passionate snowmobile lovers who are committed to making snowmobiling even better! Not only will you make amazing friends, but Snoman’s fabulous benefits program offers exclusive discounts on travel, insurance, communications services—even vehicle purchases! Get ready for some winter fun with BIG savings too!

4. Northern Trail Blazers Inc. Chatfield, Poplarfield, Broad Valley, Fisher Branch, Hodgson

Snowmobile adventurists in Manitoba, get ready – the Northern Trailblazers Club has made trails around Fisher Branch totally accessible! With 160km of snow-covered pathways to explore near this stunning area, thrill seekers have a lot to look forward to; including the 50km main trail from Fisher Branch all the way up Narcisse and beyond. Further West lies 28 km of magical landscape along Trail #5 with an outdoor fire pit & wood stove at its centre. Then head up North on Trail #362 where you’ll find yourself 17 km away from your destination: River Bend Cabin situated by jaw-dropping views across the Fisher River banks!

5. Interlake Snow Trackers Petersfield, Winnipeg Beach, Gimli, Arborg, Riverton, Hecla Grindstone

The Interlake Snow Trackers are an incredible group of dedicated individuals leading the charge in recreational snowmobiling! Not only do they maintain a mind-blowing 600 kilometers of winter trails and seven cozy warm-up shelters around Arborg, Hecla, Grindstone Riverton, Gimli Winnipeg Beach Narcisse, and Petersfield – but these amazing volunteers also constantly clear, sign groom, and upgrade their routes to offer ultimate safety for those out enjoying this wintry sport. Get your scarf on; it’s time to hit the trails with the awesome team!

6. Northern Lites Snowmobile Club Inc. Woodlands, Warren, St. Laurent

Northern Lites is a volunteer-powered organization that opened its snowy doors to the community in 1995! They are dedicated to providing an exciting recreational experience and protecting snowmobiling by carefully crafting groomed trails and pristine cabins for those around Manitoba’s Interlake. As a member of Northern Lites, you’ll receive email updates on events and special projects. You’ll know when trails are opening, being groomed, and closing. You’ll also have opportunities to meet and enjoy good-natured camaraderie with other snowmobilers. Let the fun begin!

7. Lundar Sports Riders Oak Point, Clarkleigh , Lundar, Eriksdale, Narcisse

Make this winter the most memorable yet! Check out the Lundar Sports Riders, a new snowmobile club bringing thrills and adventure to riders of all levels. Experience some of Manitoba’s finest trails groomed just for you as we take outdoor fun to a whole other level.

8. Inwood Snowmobile Club St. Laurent, Oak Point, Inwood, Fraserwood

Calling all snowmobilers – the Inwood Snowmobile Club is your ticket to a winter of adventure! This local club works hard to make sure that trails and warm-up shacks are well-maintained, so you can get out there in the pristine white powder and have some serious fun.

9. Ashern Snowmobile Club Camper, Mulvihill, Ashern, Lake Manitoba Narrows

If you’re looking for a winter adventure like no other, come explore the snowmobile trails of Ashern Manitoba! The Ashern Snowmobile Club has meticulously groomed Trails and cozy warm-up cabins dotted along them – perfect to make your journey even more unforgettable.

10. Log Cabin Riders Moosehorn

Get ready for an unforgettable winter adventure! Join the Log Cabin Riders in Moosehorn Manitoba and explore miles of groomed, picturesque trails across breathtaking landscapes. Come experience a one-of-a-kind snowmobiling journey through stunning terrain where you will create lasting memories with every bend and curve around each corner.