Interlake Day Trip – Sandy Beach Edition!


Our beaches are incredible. All across the shores of Lake Manitoba & Lake Winnipeg, you’ll find amazing Interlake sandy beaches that are perfect for a swim, a play in the sand or just to relax and soak up the sun. Great beaches are just one reason the Interlake is the perfect place for a summer vacation.

Wondering where are the best Interlake sandy beaches? These spectacular expanses of sand and freshwater are just a short drive from Winnipeg!

  1. Kinsmen Lake – Quarry Park – Stonewall

    At the north end of Main Street, you will find beautiful Kinsmen Lake. This man-made lake was developed on the site of a former limestone quarry by the Stonewall Kinsmen Club. The lake officially opened on August 10, 1956, and rapidly became a favorite spot for locals and visitors alike. Today the lake is part of Quarry Park.

    Kinsmen Lake is open daily from 11 am – 7 pm daily from June until Labor Day, dependent on weather and patron count. The lake will be closed if the temperature is lower than 19 degrees C or if there are fewer than 10 people in attendance. Click HERE for public swim and swimming lesson information.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 16 KMs

  2. Twin Lakes Beach

    Shimmering sunlight makes the sand here sparkle like a thousand tiny jewels.

    The swimming is wonderful and the bottom is soft and sandy. The sunsets are just spectacular so shop around the 300 ft of pristine natural beach for a cozy place of your own. Limited parking Meindl park, located at 656 Venice Rd. South. Please respect the private lakefront properties.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 66 KMs

  3. Sandpiper Beach

    Sandpiper Beach is located north of Twin Beach. West off Allard road and make a left to the beach. There you will find BIG TREE PARK (PARC GROS ARBRE).
    The swimming is wonderful at Sandpiper and the beach is beautiful and sandy. The access fee is $10.00 per vehicle and $5.00 per person. Ages 6 and under free. Cash only. Season Passes are available at the RM of St. Laurent.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 67 KMs

  4. Laurentia Beach

    Laurentia beach is a private beach area because of its old development many of the cottage lots own right into the water. There is public access from Laurentia Beach Rd. in front of the welcome sign. Great for parents with small tots. The lake here is located on a bay and is extremely shallow.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 68 KMs

  5. Lundar Beach 

    For a relaxing day at the beach, you’ll love this Provincial Park Beach. With plenty to see and do including a 3.2 km hiking trail, playground, and large swimming and beach area, this spot will please water lovers and sun worshippers. (offers non-slip Mobi-mats)

    Distance from the Perimeter: 120 KMs

  6. Long Point Beach

    A lesser-known beautiful beach is good for getting away from it all. We’re not saying you’ll have this beach completely to yourself, but chances are there will be fewer footprints in the sand.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 129 KMs

  7. Silver Bay Beach

    Silver Bay Beach is a secret little gem in Manitoba. Close to Moosehorn Creek, this beach offers a rustic yet adventurous experience for travelers and fisherpeople.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 179 KMs

  8. Watchorn Provincial Park

    You’ll find this beach on the beautiful eastern shore of Lake Manitoba.
    Water activities abound at Watchorn Bay. Swimming, boating, canoeing, and fishing are great choices for a hot day. An excellent spot for a picnic in the sun.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 187 KMs

  9. Steep Rock Beach

    Located on the beautiful shores of Lake Manitoba, Steep Rock offers the most amazing sunsets and fantastic cliff and rock formations. A busy little place, but worth the drive!

    Distance from the Perimeter: 215 KMs

  10. Sunset Beach

    The name says it all! A family/dog-friendly beach near Gull Harbour. Watch out for zebra mussel shells. The water is beautiful with a sandy bottom. The shore extends out so it’s shallow for quite a ways making it a great place for the kids.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 173 KMs

  11. Sandy Bar Beach

    Sandy Bar Beach is natural, with no development other than the road that takes you there. A long sand bar extends out into the Lake, giving the beach its name.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 125 KMs

  12. Kaltenthaler Beach

    Water, sand, and fishing! Life is good. This beach has light brown sand and is a pleasant place to walk and lie in the sun. A secluded little place where you can find some peace.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 114 KMs

  13. Hnausa Beach

    This remote beach is situated on the sandy, West Shore of Lake Winnipeg not far from a federal dock. A quiet place to share the day with some fresh air and a sandcastle or two.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 111 KMs

  14. Spruce Sands Beach

    With a few kms of sandy beach and refreshing water, you’ll find your perfect spot here to have an amazing family beach day!

    Distance from the Perimeter: 98 KMs

  15. Camp Morton Beach

    Great big waves, fresh air, and relaxing solitude along the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Offering sunken gardens, hiking trails, historic buildings, and a large concentration of white pelicans.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 84 KMs

  16. Gimli Beach

    Gimli has great shops, restaurants, art galleries, an impressive museum but some of the best times are shared along the long stretch of sandy beaches and many grassy parks. Perfect for swimming, sailing, boating, and windsurfing!

    Distance from the Perimeter: 78 KMs

  17. Winnipeg Beach

    Winnipeg Beach has been a place for family and friends to celebrate summer. Besides the amazing beach, there are many sights to see, trails to hike, boardwalk to follow, windsurfing, fishing, sailing, and marina! Pet-friendly beach.
    (offers non-slip Mobi-mats)

    Distance from the Perimeter: 64 KMs

  18. Dunnottar Beach

    Dunnottar and most of the surrounding area owe its biggest tourist attraction to Lake Winnipeg. Lining most of the southern basin is kilometres of white sandy beaches – labeled some of the finest in the world. Enjoy a swim at the beaches with a relaxing atmosphere perfect for families! The Famous Dunnottar Piers built by hand each spring have brought years of happiness, joy, and fun to the lakeshore in the Village of Dunnottar.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 60 KMs

  19. Patricia Beach (Visit Beaches of 59)

    Located in the Interlake Plain portion of the Manitoba Lowlands Natural Region, the park is stretched along 2.5 kms of the southeast shore of Balsam Bay in Lake Winnipeg. Natural sand beach, sand dunes, a lagoon/marsh, and partial forest.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 70 KMs

  20. Beaconia Beach (Visit Beaches of 59)

    Prefer clothing optional? Just north of Patricia Beach, you’ll find Beaconia Beach. Although the beach offers basic services, you will still obtain a unique, thrilling, and breathtaking experience…

    Distance from the Perimeter: 73 KMs

  21. Grand Beach (Visit Beaches of 59)

    Being one of the top beaches in North America, Grand Beach is a provincial park so a park pass or day pass is required when visiting. It is well known for its beautiful white-sand beaches and famous boardwalk with its chip stands and bustling shops, which are a must for any visitor. You can find powdery white sand beaches and grass-topped dunes that reach as high as 8 m/30 ft.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 86 KMs

  22. Lester Beach (Visit Beaches of 59)

    Just north of Grand Beach lies the picturesque Lester Beach and Belair communities. With its rolling hills and forests of pine and birch trees, Lester Beach boasts a beautiful white sandy shoreline ideal for both families and friends looking for a day at the beach. Its shallow shores make this a great beach for children and the community itself has a very strong family appeal. The south end of the beach connects to the Grand Beach Hiking Trails.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 94 KMs

  23. Victoria Beach  (Visit Beaches of 59)

    Victoria Beach lies on the southeastern shores of Lake Winnipeg and is almost completely surrounded by the lake. Victoria Beach started out as an island in the estuary of the Winnipeg River until it was connected to the mainland by the railway dam. Its well-known restricted area does not allow vehicles in the summer months to allow for a relaxed beach and eco-friendly feel.

    Distance from the Perimeter: 100 KMs