Escape to Camp Morton Provincial Park, the ultimate weekend getaway!

Located just over an hour from Winnipeg, Camp Morton is the perfect quick getaway! Pack your bags and let the park enchant your soul! 
Camp Morton Campground offers a variety of rental options including cozy cabins, tranquil yurts, and spacious campsites. Our personal choice was a yurt, allowing us not to have to worry about our camp setup.
We spent a peaceful evening on Lake Winnipeg, leisurely paddling on our stand-up paddle board, indulging in relaxation and serenity. 
Experience the mesmerizing sunsets at Camp Morton, where the sky unveils cotton candy-coloured hues, leaving you awe-inspired.
No camping trip is complete without gathering around a crackling campfire, and at Camp Morton, you can easily obtain a wood bundle for just $10.
Just a short drive away, Gimli offers an array of delights. Explore charming local shops, eat at Seagulls Restaurant, where they have a variety of gluten-free options, get some ice cream at Country Boy Restaurant, and stroll along the beach and pier, to admire the Sea Wall Gallery. Make sure to visit the Lake Winnipeg Visitor Centre, which houses the Iceland Heritage Museum, offering a fascinating glimpse into the rich cultural history of the area.
Embark on an invigorating adventure by exploring the captivating trails of the area, including Steeple View Trail and Moonshine Trail.
Venture to Narcisse Snake Dens for a unique wildlife encounter. Best times to see the snakes are in May and September. I recommend checking out Nature North for more information.
Visit Arnes Farmers Market, where you can discover a wide variety of local goods while enjoying the company of adorable animals like goats, chickens, and pigs. 
Looking for a perfect weekend getaway near Winnipeg? Add Camp Morton in Interlake to your list! With cozy yurts, serene lake evenings, breathtaking sunsets, charming town exploration in Gimli, invigorating trails, and a visit to Arnes Farmers Market, this destination offers an unforgettable escape. Pack your bags and embark on a memorable adventure at Camp Morton!

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