Holiday Party ideas for your in-person or virtual holiday party! 🎄

‘Tis the season! If you’re having trouble coming up with a plan for this year’s festive online or in-person gathering, don’t worry! We’ve got some ideas for your work, friend, and family holiday parties! PARTY ON!

Workplace Improv – Whether you’re an accountant, advertiser, veterinary, baker, waitress, or performer, you undoubtedly have some fast facts, fun tips, or hilarious stories from your workplace that you can share with your group. Each person takes a turn to tell a true or made-up story from their workplace and the rest of the group uses this narrative in an improv performance. It’s a sure way to entertain the group while learning more about your workmates, friends or family.

Two Truths and a Lie – Pick three “facts” (think anything from your favourite Holiday memories to the worst gifts you’ve ever been given), and see how many people can pick the lie from three statements.

Gingerbread Cookie-Double – Before your party, each guest will purchase a gingerbread cookie decorating kit (or bake your own). The host will send out one guest’s name to each party goer. (No one can receive their own name) Everyone will then decorate their gingerbread cookie to be the cookie-double of the person they receive.

Naughty or Nice List (a variation of the game never have I ever) – How to play: Every guest starts the game by hanging 10 candy canes on a cup.
Each person takes a turn making a statement starting with “You’re naughty or nice if…” and if a guest has committed the naughty act, they will take one candy cane out of the cup. The game continues for a set number of rounds, or until only one “nice” person has candy canes in the cup. Whoever has candy canes left at the end of all rounds wins the game. Download the Naughty or Nice List. You can add your own ideas too!

Holiday Character Contest – Sometimes If you’re having trouble getting into the holiday spirit, you can celebrate together (in-person or with an online holiday party) by getting everyone to dress up. Get your group in the holiday spirit by attending in your favourite holiday character outfit and acting out a scene to represent. Everyone can take an anonymous vote or poll to determine who depicted their character best. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners receive a prize! Here are some suggestions: Santa, Elf, Reindeer, Home Alone, Grinch, Mrs. Claus, Frosty, Jack Skellington.

Celebrate Many Holidays – Everyone celebrates different holidays. This is your chance to learn more about your friends and colleagues by inviting guests to share their culture’s unique celebration with the rest of the group. Each guest can explain their holiday’s significance to the others and share with the group a tradition from their culture, possibly a meal or recipe, a game or activity, or a dance. By celebrating diverse holidays, as an alternative or in addition to Christmas, provides an opportunity to celebrate special occasions in the workplace or between friends and acknowledges and respects individuals.

Virtual Holiday Card PHOTO opp! – Take a group photo and make it into a virtual holiday card to send out to your customers, clients, or company friends. Can be done in-person or thanks to virtual platforms group shots are much easier to coordinate. During your costume party or ugly sweater party, you can gather your group or onto the screen for a video call, then screenshot or snap a photograph. Props are a fun way to add personality and hilarity to the photo too, using costumes, sweaters, hats, reindeer antlers, mitts, or scarfs. Choose your facial expression – from funny faces, holiday spirit to movie reactions! Change your background to your favourite holiday scene!

Holiday Trivia – Generate some lasting memories with an online or in-person holiday trivia game. To play, prepare your questions, split the group into teams, and quiz your group on holiday knowledge. For extra holiday fun, each team can choose holiday-centric names like “The Grinches,” “Bah-Humblebrag,” or “The Wisepeople.”
We created a list of starter questions to kick off your holiday trivia game. Download the PDF: Holiday Trivia

Holiday Movie Dubbing Game – Take some holiday movies and dub in lines instead of the actual ones used. You’ll watch a movie with sound muted and you and your guest’s dub in the lines for the characters. If there are more guests than characters, have guests take turns portraying the characters. Assign guests to the characters at the beginning of the movie and set a timer for a 1-2 minute turn at dubbing, then the next set of guests will take over. Each group will go in order of groups 1, 2, 3, 4, etc, which are assigned at the beginning of the game..