How to make the most of your day trip to Oak Hammock Marsh!

If you’re looking for a day trip that’s packed with activities, look no further than the Interlake! We’ve planned an itinerary that will take you on a loop around the region to a few of our favourite spots. Here’s a guide to making the most of your day trip.

So you’ve signed up for an experience at Oak Hammock MarshHarry J. Enns Discovery Centre, perhaps an Astronomy Night – Sketching the Night Sky, or your visiting Santa at the Marsh. Maybe you’re headed out to the marsh for a hike, skate, or snowshoe tour! (Rentals available)

But what’s there to see and do on your travels to and from the city? Start your day up Highway 7, you’ll come to Highway 67.

Take a short detour to your left and visit the Town of Stonewall. At Quarry Park, you’ll find the magnificent kilns that stand as silent reminders of the history of the area. Quarry Park covers about 80 acres including campsites, man-made lakes, walking trails, and scenic views.

Head back out onto Highway 67 to Oak Hammock Marsh. You’ll have the opportunity to explore North America’s birding hotspots. This 36 km2 wetland is home to 25 species of mammals, 300+ bird species, and countless invertebrates. It also features a restored prairie marsh, aspen-oak bluff, waterfowl lure crops, artesian springs, some of Manitoba’s last remaining patches of tall-grass prairie, and 30 kilometres of trails for you to explore. So bring your binoculars and hiking shoes or rent some snowshoes! Be sure to also stop by the Oak Hammock Cafe for a delicious cup of coffee before you go.

From wetlands to waterways, head east on 67 to Highway 9 and check out an engineering marvel up close.

St. Andrews Lock and Dam is a historic structure that was built in 1910. The dam is a “Camere” style dam and it’s the largest structure of its kind in the world the lock is the only one on the Prairies. The lock is drained and filled by gravity. It takes a boat or other watercraft about 20 minutes to pass through the St. Andrews lock.

The lock is open to boaters between May and October 15. It operates 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Finish off your perfect day trip with a sunset drive down River Road Heritage Parkway. This scenic route offers beautiful views of the river and historic sites as it winds its way through St. Andrews. And don’t forget to stop at Skinners Hot Dog Stand on River Road for dinner!

There’s no shortage of things to do in the Interlake! Whether you’re interested in history, or nature, or just want to relax and enjoy some scenic views, there’s something for everyone. So hit the road – your perfect day trip awaits!