Interlake Road Trip Ideas – Secret of 17

If you were travelling up Highway 7, you’ll have noticed the Highway 17 turn-off in Teulon. This route will take you straight up to Fisher Branch and beyond.

Leaving the city limits, take Highway 101 to Highway 7, turn left on Hwy 17. You’ll explore a less-traveled route to some of the most fascinating sites in the Interlake.

You’ll see some lakes, snakes and magical marshland. More Larger than Life Statues are up this way, be sure to stop for a pic!

Whether you’re planning to make this a day trip or a weekend camp out, a visit to Norris Lake Provincial Park is a great start! The park’s campground offers 15 basic sites and 3 group use sites for overnight camping and day use. Self-registry check-in!

From here, take the winding road to Inwood Park to honour the massive number of Red Sided Garter snakes that call this area home. You’ll find the monument next to the Interlake Pioneer Trail.

Continuing north you’ll stumble upon one of the coolest attractions, the Narcisse Snake Dens. Alive with tens of thousands of red-sided garter snakes, watch as they slither to the surface from their winter dens. These snakes are ready to begin their annual mating ritual. This spectacular ritual lasts for a one to three-week period in late April or early May, depending on weather conditions.

If you’re an art lover then the Chatfield Gallery is the place to be! Here you’ll meet Anthony Nelson (Anawason), the artist!

Moving on to a refurbished King Buck in the Town of Poplarfield! Located in the community’s King Buck Park and the junction of Highways 17 and 68. More photo opts with the massive Wagon Wheel, situated in the entrance park on the east side of Fisher Branch.

Hit the trails at Interlake Forest Centre (IFC) next, which offers visitors the opportunity to sample some of the unique natural histories of Manitoba’s Interlake.

The final destination, is Marble Ridge, near Hodgson, you can find a rare plant community. Alvar! Alvar is a plant community that is found in very shallow soil over limestone bedrock.