Interlake by Motorcycle ~ 25 Stops to get your motor runnin’

25 Stops to get your motor runnin’

The Interlake loop has it all: vikings, snakes, marshes, even a quarry park! The route begins on hwy #236 toward Stonewall before jumping to #7 north toward Teulon – where the Fry-Days Restaurant & Lounge is a great spot for an early lunch (or second breakfast, whichever you prefer). The ride continues on through Narcisse, home to the Narcisse Snake Dens and Arborg before reaching the quaint town of Gimli, home to Viking Park, tons of restaurants and an adorable harbour. Winnipeg Beach is the ideal spot for an ice cream and a stroll down the boardwalk on the way home.

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Riders posing at 20 Selected Locations within ONE riding season will earn the exclusive Interlake Manitoba by Motorcycle patch indicating they explored Interlake Manitoba by Motorcycle.

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