See the 6: Top Spots to find Hidden Gems

Come explore Manitoba’s majestic Highway 6! Ride through nature’s beauty, taking in pristine lakes, picturesque landscapes, and wildlife like you never have before. Whether you are a tourist searching for a new adventure, a family looking for lifetime memories, or the ultimate traveller seeking unmatched scenery from the open road – Highway 6 is your destination!
We’ve made it even easier to feel connected to this unique experience with our interactive map that shows all there is to see and do along the way! From camping spots, historical sites, fishing locations, and more – join us today for an unforgettable journey as we show you what awaits down Highway 6 from the Winnipeg perimeter to Gypsumville Manitoba.
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Grosse Isle

You’ll note railroad tracks alongside the highway, this is the old CN line, now home to the Prairie Dog Central Railway running to Grosse Isle, the trailhead of the Interlake Pioneer Trail. 
The Grosse Isle Heritage Site currently has several heritage buildings restored and open for visitors to the site during designated times.
The pioneer village has expanded from the original jigger shack to include the Gunton Wait Station, Ridgeway Heritage House, East Rosser School, Emerson Train Station, and a caboose. The tall grass prairie is another important feature of the site.


Warren, Manitoba

Travel back in time and visit the iconic “Sentinel” in Warren, Manitoba! This 1948 Wooden Grain Elevator stands tall and proud along the railroad tracks, offering a glimpse into the town’s past. Not only does it dominate the skyline as the only building of its size in the area, but it also boasts the largest Barn Quilts in all of Canada! Come see the massive 12’x12′ quilts that decorate the walls of this historic elevator and marvel at their beauty. Right next to this site is the Warren Memorial Park where the farming roots of the area are proudly on display through a bunch of antique agricultural equipment. Are you a history buff? Discover the tales of the pioneers from this area at the Woodlands Pioneer Museum. You’ll need to plan a day trip later to enjoy all these.


St. Laurent, Manitoba

St. Laurent is a beach-lovers paradise with not one, not two, but three superb beaches to explore! Take your pick from Twin Lakes Beach, Sandpiper Beach, and Laurentia Beach. The glistening sand will mesmerize you with its sparkle and the swimming is sublime. And oh, the sunsets! They’re simply breathtaking. Just remember to secure a cozy spot for yourself before the beachgoers swarm in.
Note: At Twin Lakes, make sure to park at Meindl park and avoid intruding into private properties. At Sandpiper Beach, bring cash to pay the access fee of $10.00 per vehicle and $5.00 per person. Season passes are available at the RM of St. Laurent, so it’s definitely worth considering if you plan to visit often. Finally, Laurentia Beach is perfect for parents with little ones since the lake is extremely shallow and situated on a bay. 


Lundar, Manitoba

Get ready to discover the hidden treasures of Lundar, Manitoba! You can’t miss the awe-inspiring giant Goose statue that spins in the wind, paying homage to the migration journey of these majestic birds. But that’s not all! Lundar Beach Marsh trail is the perfect spot for your next outdoor adventure – whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely walk, a heart-pumping hike, or an exciting bike ride. And when you’re ready for some R&R, head over to the Lundar Provincial Park, a peaceful campground that sits right beside the stunning Lake Manitoba


Eriksdale, Manitoba

If you’re looking for some hidden gems off the highway, Eriksdale is the spot for you! You can visit Percy Moggey’s Cabin, built by the Manitoba “Boogeyman” himself as a hideout. Feeling adventurous? Walk the path of the first person to escape from Stony Mountain Penitentiary in 1960. Check out the Eriksdale Creamery Museum to see how butter is made. And for those who love camping (or just love being outdoors), McEwen Park Campground is the super-secret spot you won’t want to miss. This self-registry campground offers large, private campsites on grass and gravel. For only $15 a night, you can enjoy gorgeous scenery and well-maintained grounds.


Ashern, Manitoba

This charming getaway destination is a quirky little town home to the Ashern Museum, a delightful collection of six restored buildings from the town’s past. Located in the beautiful Sharptail Park, you’ll also find a massive statue of a Sharptail Grouse – perfect for bird lovers! And if you’re planning to stay a while, book a spot at the Sharptail Campground. With both serviced and unserviced sites available, you’re sure to have a memorable experience in this lovely locale.


Grahamdale, Manitoba

The marker for two amazing attractions off Highway 6. Before you even reach Grahamdale, you’ll stumble upon an art gallery that will leave you breathless. Armand Lemiez, one of Manitoba’s most talented artists, has crafted 21 enormous concrete sculptures over nine years – talk about dedication! And that’s not all – just a hop, skip, and a jump away is Steep Rock, home to stunning limestone cliffs, informative signs, and trails for you to meander along. Finish off your day by snagging a spot on one of the rocks and watching the sun’s golden rays dance on the beautiful blue waters – you won’t want to leave!


Fairford, Manitoba

Get ready to pack your gear and head to Fairford Manitoba, where the fish are always biting and the scenery is simply breathtaking! This hidden gem offers the perfect spot for any avid angler looking to catch a big one. Follow the banks of the Fairford River all the way to where it meets Lake Manitoba and be dazzled by the natural beauty that surrounds you. And for those who prefer a spot of camping, check out the Roviera Campground, where you’ll wake up to crystal blue waters and a chorus of bird songs. Keep your eyes peeled for the majestic pelicans surfing the river waves – they’re sure to make your camping experience unforgettable!


Gypsumville and Lake St. Martin

Hey, did you hear about the epic asteroid that hit St. Martin and Gypsumville 220+ million years ago?! It created a massive 40 km crater, which is pretty mind-blowing if you think about it. But that’s not all this area has to offer – Benson’s Big Rock Camp and Campground is nestled in a super secluded spot on the north end of stunning Lake St. Martin. Plus, if you’re into fishing, you’re in luck – the Dauphin River and Lake St. Martin are prime spawning beds for Lake Winnipeg, which means you’ll have unlimited chances to snag some Walleye, Northern Pike, and Freshwater Drum. Get your tackle box ready, folks!