Sipping Bliss: Experience the Best Hot Chocolate and Coffee Spots in the Interlake

Winter in Manitoba’s Interlake is synonymous with crisp air, snow-covered landscapes, and the perfect excuse to indulge in the warmth of heavenly hot chocolate and soul-soothing coffee. Join us on a delightful journey as we uncover the coziest spots serving the finest brews, promising to make your winter adventures even more enchanting.


1. Lillies & Lattes Coffee Shop – Off Highway 6, Woodlands, MB: Located just off Highway 6, this small-town coffee shop serves fresh baked goods and daily homemade lunch specials!, Lillies and Lattes is a quaint coffee shop that offers not only a warm respite from the winter chill but also an array of aromatic coffees and delectable hot chocolates. Try their Hot & Ready Cinnamon Buns with a classic hot chocolate topped with whipped cream for a comforting treat.

2. Eriksdale Music Shop – Off Highway 6 in Eriksdale, MB – At Eriksdale Music Shop, harmonize your senses with more than just music. This unique haven blends retailing custom instruments, music lessons, and bespoke art with a cozy coffee and tea house. Amidst handmade pottery and lively Thursday Nite JAMs, discover a community-centric space where creativity and the aroma of freshly brewed beverages intertwine seamlessly.


3. Fisher Coffee House – Off Highway 17 in Fisher Branch, MB: This hidden gem is a haven for those seeking the perfect cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Try their new Candy Cane Hot Chocolate, Candy Cane Mocha, and/or the WHITE Hot Chocolate. Only here for a limited time. Cozy up in their inviting atmosphere, and let the warmth of their drinks thaw away the winter chill.


4. Arborg Bakery – Off Highway 68 in Arborg, MB:  Savour the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and decadent hot chocolate, the perfect companions to their freshly baked delights. From mouthwatering donuts and pastries to artisanal bread, every treat at this bakery is a celebration of comfort and culinary craftsmanship. A perfect stop after a day of skating along the Icelandic River Skating Trail.

5. Rosie’s Cafe – Off Highway 17 in Inwood, MB: This place is more than a local gem—it’s where good food, good friends, and good neighbors converge. Beyond being a haven for coffee, tea, and hot chocolate enthusiasts, it’s the perfect post-snowmobile ride stop offering all-day breakfast and homemade favourites, ensuring warmth and hearty satisfaction.


6. From Farmhouse To Yours Cafe and Bakery – Off Highway 7 in Teulon, MB:  Discover comfort at Teulon’s winter warm-up spot, where specialty coffees, teas, breakfast, lunch, and an array of baked goods await. Their cozy setting, complete with rustic décor, makes it an ideal spot to unwind after a day of winter exploration in the Interlake region.

Tips for Winter Beverage Connoisseurs:
  1. Explore Local Flavours: Embrace the local flavors and unique twists that each café brings to its hot chocolate and coffee recipes. Some may offer specialty blends or homemade syrups that add a touch of regional charm.
  2. Pair with Winter Treats: Elevate your beverage experience by pairing your hot chocolate or coffee with winter-themed treats. Look for cafes that offer delectable pastries, cookies, or even seasonal desserts to complement your drink.
  3. Choose Scenic Views: Opt for cafes with scenic views, especially those overlooking frozen lakes or snow-covered landscapes. The combination of a delightful beverage and a picturesque winter scene creates a truly magical experience.
In Manitoba’s Interlake, winter becomes a season of warmth and indulgence, thanks to the inviting cafes and charming coffee spots scattered throughout the region. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or a hot chocolate connoisseur, the Interlake promises a delightful journey of flavours and cozy atmospheres that will make your winter escapades truly unforgettable. So, bundle up, explore the inviting cafes, and sip your way to winter bliss in Manitoba’s Interlake.