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  1. Canada Goose – LundarStep into the wilds of Manitoba and say hello to Manitoba’s biggest goose! Hiding in the roadside park along Highway 6, this graceful sculpture was constructed with love by an Interlake artist. Wandering winds turn him around as a tribute to all geese making their way through on their annual migration route – come see if you can spot them too!

  3. Chuck the Channel Catfish – SelkirkCome meet Chuck, the colossal Channel Catfish! He proudly stands 11 meters tall on Main Street in Selkirk and welcomes visitors to the City of Catfish Capital- North America. Plus who can resist a giant fish with such joyous colors? Swing by Smitty’s Restaurant for an unforgettable greeting from this cheerful fiberglass fellow!

  5. Curling Rock – ArborgExperience the world’s largest curling rock monument in Arborg. A tribute to two local teams who dreamed big, one of whom ultimately won Nationals! Let their victory inspire you and show what heights can be reached with commitment and dedication.

  7. Gimli VikingStep back in time to the Icelandic settlers of Gimli (formerly known as New Iceland) – by visiting this awesome 15-foot-high Viking statue. Erected all those years ago, in 1967 for Manitoba’s Centennial project, it now proudly stands guard along the shores of Lake Winnipeg!

  9. King Buck – PoplarfieldKing Buck has been ruling Poplarfield since 1991! This 12-foot sculpture stands proudly on the corner of Highway 68 and 17, paying homage to these majestic white-tailed deer. Hunting this noble creature not only provides sustenance for having it on your plate – but also offers a thrilling recreational sport that links us with our pioneer ancestors who enjoyed saluting nature’s bounty.

  11. Komarno MosquitoCome get a unique ‘buzz’ at Komarno! This little Ukrainian town, translating to “mosquito-infested”, is the proud holder of an infamous title–the Mosquito Capital of the World. If you’re looking for some insect fun, don’t forget to take your swat bat and head west on PR 229 off Hwy 8 for this special critter experience!

  13. Mallard Duck – Petersfield: Residents of the Netley Lake and Marsh area wanted a mascot that truly represented their home. After much deliberation, what better choice than the majestic Mallard duck? It seemed only fitting to commemorate this unique avian with its own statue at Petersfield’s Mallard Park!

  15. Meleb-Park-Cumming Mushrooms: With a giant mushroom statue standing tall, Meleb-Park-Cumming is an oasis of nostalgia and commemoration. Nestled in the Interlake region, it’s one of Manitoba’s most popular sites for gathering wild mushrooms – just don’t forget to follow local picking laws! To celebrate its history and traditions, every year they host a joyous July picnic with replicas of schools & churches as well as traditional Ukrainian baking ovens (talk about mouthwatering!) A special memorial honors all veterans from the area. If you’re ever up north – stop by this unique destination that honours past generations while looking towards future ones!

  17. Lundi” Moose – Riverton“Lundi” Moose – a Symbol of Riverton’s Rich History. Named in honor of the original Icelandic settlers, “Lundi” was erected on Highway 8 back in 2007 to remember their courage and sacrifice. For decades this majestic animal provided sustenance during winters that could have otherwise been unbearable for these brave people – truly an inspiring symbol of resilience!

  19. Sharptail Grouse – AshernGet ready to experience a bird-lovers paradise! Ashern, Manitoba is home to the fabulous Sharptail Grouse Park where visitors can marvel at this proud feathered creature in all its glory. From camping and picnics sites available, it’s easy for groups of friends or family members to enjoy outdoor exploration with these lovely critters around – not forgetting that many passionate hunters come here too for their piece of sharptailed grouse action!

  21. S-sam & S-sara Garter Snakes – InwoodVisit S-sam and S-sara, the garter snakes of Inwood Park! These slippery scaly reptiles have an impressive home: they hibernate in limestone crevices during winter, before emerging in spring like clockwork. But if you want a truly astonishing experience with Red-Sided Garter Snakes look no further than Narcisse Snake Dens – it’s one of their biggest hangouts around these parts!

  23. “The Wheel” –  Fisher Branch: Fisher Branch is a community rich with history. In July 2015, the town unveiled its newest addition – “The Wheel”! This rustic wagon wheel constructed from bridge-building grade metal serves as both an homage to past success and optimism for future endeavors within this great Interlake hub. Reinvigorating their roots in retail and transportation of years past, “A Community Reinventing The Wheel” can be seen proudly displayed along Highway 17 on Fisher Branch’s east side entrance park!

  25. Anishinaabe Whispering Giant – Winnipeg Beach​​​​​​​Discover the majestic “Whispering Giant” at Winnipeg Beach, a breathtakingly impressive statue erected in 1991 to commemorate Aboriginal people and foster unity. This 67th addition stands as part of an awe-inspiring trail that has been traveling throughout North America since 1970 – just waiting for you to explore!

Explore our “Larger than Life” statues dotting the landscape of the Interlake, read the stories, and snap a photo for your own “Adventure Scrapbook!”