Sugar Me Cookie Boutique

For the Foodie in you, enjoy a wide variety of decadent desserts. From truly authentic “Amma Stina’s” VINARTERTA the cake of “NEW ICELAND” (Traditional Prune, Apricot, and added flavours intermittently offered), to traditional favourites like Kleinur, Pönnukökur, cinnamon buns, cakes/cupcakes, & cookies to boutique items such as chocolates, truffles, gift wares and so much more! Remember “Every Friday is Pie Day!” We offer wedding packages, customized dessert buffets for your special event. Our quaint little boutique bakery prides itself that we are a scratch bakery, creating a strong following through using time-honoured family recipes.

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Location/Directions: 41 CENTRE ST. GIMLI, MB in the Lighthouse Mal

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