Whytewold Emporium

Out on Lake Winnipeg close to Dunnottar, Matlock, or Chalet Beach? Then you have to experience the mouth-watering, delightful delights of Whytewold Emporium‘s sweet and savoury crepes. As a bonus, you get to explore this truly one-of-a-kind village with spectacular views, and the famous Dunnottar Piers. Treat your taste buds to something delicious, check out their full menu here. (Pssst…they also have pizza and fudge!)


Breakfast Menu
2022 Main Menu 
2022 BBQ Menu  (BBQ only available in summer)

Fudge – check out our available flavors!

Restaurant Hours:
Friday – Sunday 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Mon-Thurs Closed

Country Jenny’s Antiques:

Enquiries about antiques only, ask for Kandia.


Some of the products we offer include:
• Beautiful hanging baskets
• Quality line of garden supplies like pots, stands and hangers
• Bagged soil, compost and peat moss

* NOTE: We do not sell any pesticides due to environmental and food handling concerns

 Address: 190 Gimli Rd, Whytewold, Manitoba CANADA R0C 2B0

 Email: wwemp@mymts.net

 Google Maps: See our location online.

 Phone: (204) 389-4567