Tour Highway 8 in Manitoba’s Interlake / Tour de l’autoroute 8 dans l’interlac manitobain

 An escape up Highway 8 is for all your backcountry, wildlife, and outdoor adventurers. With eco-adventures, camping, trails, and wildlife, you’ll be awe-inspired the entire way! Une escapade sur la route 8 s’adresse à tous les aventuriers de l’arrière-pays, de la faune et du plein air. Avec des éco-aventures, du camping, des sentiers et des […]

PODCAST: A Scenic and Serene Picnic Paradise in Manitoba’s Interlake

Escape to Manitoba’s Interlake for a refreshing change of scenery. This serene region boasts breathtaking prairie vistas, crystal-clear lakes and rivers, and boundless opportunities for outdoor exploration. Discover the tranquility of this idyllic picnic paradise, complete with winding trails, diverse wildlife, and endless adventure. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly outing or a romantic getaway, there’s […]

Selkirk Murals

 Explore the creativity in Selkirk where public street art is giving you an artistic perspective of this fine city! 25+ Murals will grace the walls of buildings in Selkirk’s downtown plus several murals are located inside buildings throughout the city. Explorez la créativité à Selkirk où l’art public de rue vous donne une perspective […]

Experience the Delicious Delights of a Foodie Tour | Découvrez les délices d’un circuit gastronomique

An Interlake Day Trip for Food Lovers in Search of Authentic Cuisine! Get ready for a foodie adventure unlike any other! From beachside bistros to fine-dining pubs. Follow our guide along these tasty trails or go at your own pace – each step promises new culinary delights you’ve never experienced before. Plus, we have some […]

Take an Art Tour through the Interlake’s diverse Arts Scene / Faites une visite guidée de la scène artistique diversifiée d’Interlake.

  Interlake invites tourists and locals alike to explore the vibrant art scene so take a journey through this stunning region while discovering unique masterpieces! Get ready for an absolute artistic voyage of a lifetime this summer! Take the opportunity to explore and discover over 20 unique, talented artists from across the Interlake region in […]

A Historic Tour through Time | Un voyage historique à travers le temps

Pack your bags and get ready for an immersive exploration of the unique Interlake region in beautiful Manitoba, Canada! This area is brimming with history from both its Indigenous and Icelandic cultures. You won’t want to miss out on all there is to discover here: historic landmarks, churches full of stories just waiting to be […]

Tour our Interlake Stays | Visitez nos séjours à Interlake

Get ready to explore the sensational scenery of Manitoba’s Interlake! From luxurious hotels and rustic cabins to secluded beachside getaways and cozy bed & breakfasts – we’ve got a range of unique accommodations for every style. Soak up adventure outdoors as you make lasting memories on our trails or shopping districts. Let your wanderlust run […]

Discover the Thrills of a Watersports Adventure Tour | Découvrez les sensations d’une excursion d’aventure en sports nautiques

Are you ready to explore the unseen, conquer your fears and discover new thrills? Look no further than experiencing Watersports in the Interlake! Crafted for the explorer in all of us, this tour is packed with exciting activities that take you across the waves; paddling the red river waters and soaring through the air. Whether […]

Explore the Gimli Glider Exhibit | Explorez l’exposition de planeurs de Gimli

This award-winning museum was acknowledged as a ‘must-see’. #gimliglidermuseum The Exhibit about the famous emergency landing of a jetliner in Gimli Educates, Enlightens, and Entertains our visitors. Our knowledgeable staff will assist with your flight simulator experience and answer questions about our authentic aircraft artifacts and Captain Pearson’s extensive personal memorabilia. Relax in our Theatre’s […]

Experience the 9 | Faites l’expérience des 9

Discover a whole new world of adventure when you take Highway 9! Explore the most interesting and unique shopping, sample fresh produce right off the farm, and appreciate extraordinary heritage sites with breathtaking views. All while enjoying picturesque beaches along your way – make sure to soak up all that Instagrammable scenery! Step away from […]

Tour the Sublime Highway 59 | Visitez la sublime autoroute 59

Cast off for a voyage you won’t forget! Embark on an unforgettable family road trip down Highway 59 and discover the majestic beauty of its beaches. With plenty of mini-golf, ice cream, and trails along the way – your journey will be jam-packed with enough fun to last a lifetime. Plus there are some surprising […]

St. Andrews Lock & Dam | Écluse et barrage de St. Andrews

The mighty St. Andrews Lock and Dam is an impressive feat of engineering, nestled beside the Red River in Lockport Manitoba – 27km north of Winnipeg! Canada’s former Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier opened it back in 1910 with its revolutionary design courtesy of H. E Vautelet from Montreal; making it the largest structure like […]

Larger than Life Statue Tour / Visite des statues plus grandes que nature

Make some memories that won’t soon be forgotten – go on a journey through the Interlake’s beautiful, larger-than-life-sized statues! From their inspiring stories to your very own photos in an ‘Adventure Scrapbook’, it’ll make for one unforgettable experience. Créez des souvenirs que vous n’oublierez pas de sitôt – partez en voyage à travers les magnifiques […]

PODCAST: Ghost Stories – the haunting of St. Andrews on the Red / PODCAST : Histoires de fantômes – la hantise de St. Andrews on the Red

Wander & Wonder Episode 3 – this spooky podcast takes you on a journey through the eerie tales of St. Andrews on the Red hauntings. From mysterious sightings to paranormal activity, this podcast will take you outside your comfort zone and explore the truly unique story of ghosts floating through the cemetery at night. With […]

PODCAST: A Solo Traveller \ PODCAST : Un voyageur solitaire

Looking for a great travel show about Manitoba’s Interlake? Listen to Wander and Wonder, a podcast by the Interlake Tourism Association. In this Episode 2, A Solo Traveller, we chat with Melissa Van Soelen, Manager of the Interlake Tourism Association, about her solo experiences in Manitoba’s Interlake.

A Drone Tour of the Interlake’s Natural Beauty in All Four Seasons \ Une visite par drone de la beauté naturelle de l’Interlake aux quatre saisons

Explore the majestic Interlake region at any time of year. Witness a wildlife wonderland and get lost in its fertile farmlands, an awe-inspiring area that’s home to many! Explorez la majestueuse région d’Interlake à tout moment de l’année. Soyez le témoin d’une vie sauvage merveilleuse et perdez-vous dans ses terres agricoles fertiles, une région impressionnante […]

Cultural Experiences Tour \ Circuit d’expériences culturelles

Explore Manitoba’s Interlake, a unique region of Canada situated between Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba. Here you’ll find a wealth of cultural experiences and activities to discover. Explorez l’Entre-les-Lacs du Manitoba, une région unique du Canada située entre le lac Winnipeg et le lac Manitoba. Vous y trouverez une foule d’expériences culturelles et d’activités à […]

A Quirky Shopping Adventure Tour! \ Une tournée d’aventures shopping excentrique !

Are you ready to take a journey out of the everyday shopping experience and explore something unique? Welcome to a tour through Interlake – your destination for some of the most quirky boutiques and markets in Manitoba! The region is thick with small towns boasting independent stores, and artists full of one-of-a-kind pieces that make […]

Tour Arborg & Area \ Visite d’Arborg et de ses environs

Take a journey to the beautiful Town of Arborg and the surrounding area for some awesome recreational, sporting, and cultural activities! Unearth history as you explore the incredible Arborg Heritage Museum or snag amazing pics with our larger-than-life statues. In search of unique adventures? Visit in September – it’s time to experience the Interlake Outdoors […]

10 Reasons to Experience Manitoba’s Interlake this Winter \ 10 raisons de découvrir l’Interlake du Manitoba cet hiver

When most people think of winter, they think of bundling up and staying indoors. But why do that when you can come to Manitoba’s Interlake and enjoy all the winter activities we have to offer? From ice fishing and skiing to snowmobiling and snowshoeing, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And when you’re ready to […]

Love Between the Lakes \ L’amour entre les lacs

Lisa Shaw and Kim Arnold are the proud owners of KALS Vacation Rentals located one hour north of Winnipeg in beautiful Spruce Sands. Come relax in the beautiful and secluded Spruce Sands area, just 12 minutes North of Gimli and a short one-hour drive from Winnipeg’s North Perimeter. Experience peace like never before at the Iconic […]

PODCAST: A Teen’s Perspective of Living in & Visiting Gimli Manitoba \ Le point de vue d’un adolescent sur la vie et les visites à Gimli (Manitoba)

Looking for a great travel show about Manitoba’s Interlake? Listen to Wander and Wonder, a podcast by the Interlake Tourism Association. In this Episode 1, A Teen’s Perspective of Living in & Visiting Gimli Manitoba, we chat with teen residents about their hometown of Gimli. They share what makes Gimli a great place to live and […]

Tour of Selkirk and Area \ Visitez Selkirk et la région environnante !

Have you ever wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and explore a unique place with lots of fun activities for the whole family? Look no further than Selkirk Manitoba! ⬆️ Avez-vous déjà voulu échapper à l’agitation de la vie quotidienne et explorer un endroit unique offrant de nombreuses activités amusantes pour […]