PODCAST: A Scenic and Serene Picnic Paradise in Manitoba’s Interlake

Escape to Manitoba’s Interlake for a refreshing change of scenery. This serene region boasts breathtaking prairie vistas, crystal-clear lakes and rivers, and boundless opportunities for outdoor exploration. Discover the tranquility of this idyllic picnic paradise, complete with winding trails, diverse wildlife, and endless adventure. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly outing or a romantic getaway, there’s something special to uncover around every corner.

Here’s a list of our favourite spots and…..to picnic like a pro in Manitoba’s Interlake, tune in to the exciting Wander and Wonder Podcast for all the juicy details, tips, and tricks from your fabulous hosts Laura and Chelsey. They’ve got everything you need to create the ultimate outdoor dining experience. Don’t miss out!