Lake Francis WMA

A component of the world-famous Delta Heritage Marsh, this WMA is a major breeding & staging area for water birds. Included are wetlands, beach ridge, & tall-grass prairie habitats. Used by a great variety of water birds, including western grebes & pelicans, also amphibians, such as leopard frogs.

The beach ridge is a breeding area & critical migration stop-over for a wide variety of warblers. The endangered piping plover occasionally nests on the sandy beach adjacent to the ridge.

Hackberry, a rare species of the elm family, grows on the beach ridge, the only other known site in Manitoba is near the Lauder Sandhills.

An interpretive facility has been developed along PR 41 1 featuring the tall-grass prairie found in the WMA. Sprague’s pipits & other grassland birds can be observed in the area.

Location/Directions: North on Hwy 6, turn left on PR 411, to PR 430- Southeast end of Lake Manitoba