Manitou Island

In the beginning the waves beat upon the limestone shingles of this island in a great lake, echoing with sounds of the spirits. Legends and tales, the oral history of our land, passed from clan to clan, throughout the generations.The Great Spirit- Manitou was said to talk through the rocks.Discover the sound of the spirits; hear what they say as you reach this island. Listen with your heart as you capture the ancient feelings of this land, the Narrows of Lake Manitoba, the Land of the Spirits, of Manitou- the great lake and this place would share the name: MANITOBA.

Location/Directions: North on Hwy 6 to Hwy 68, west to the Narrows of Lake Manitoba. Manitou Island is north of the bridge, accessible by water or ice only

GPS Coordinates: GPS- N51 06.842 W 098 46.651