Great Train Robbery (Bonnie & Clyde) – Prairie Dog Central

September 22, 2019

Rumour has it that Bonnie and Clyde and their gang of bandits are up to their old tricks and are looking to rob the next passenger train they encounter. Keep your eyes peeled as we make our way up the track. Inform our onboard staff if you see anything suspicious. They have been spotted driving a vintage, bullet riddled vehicle. Be prepared to hand over any spare change should they manage to get onboard. During the stopover enjoy your home-prepared picnic or indulge in a freshly prepared hotdog or smokie, leaving space for home baked dessert. Visit the onsite vendors and stop by as Bonnie, Clyde and the gang join us for photographs. Stroll through the Heritage Village before enjoying the live music by Fire and Ice.

Departure – 11:00 AM and Return – 2:45 PM
Adult Ticket – $33.95
Child – $25.95
4-Pack Pricing Available

Location/Directions: Inkster Junction Station - 64099 Prairie Dog Trail

Hours: Departure 11:00 am - Return 2:45 pm