Great Train Robbery (Cowboys ‘n Gals) – Prairie Dog Central

September 6, 2020

Steam Locomotive 

And here we go again, it has been reported that those barefaced Cowboys ‘n Gals have been spotted on our track. Rumour has it that they`re looking to storm the next passenger train they encounter. Please be alert as we try to dodge the robbers this time around and be prepared to hand over any spare change should the need arise. During the stopover enjoy freshly prepared hot dogs and smokies, made-from-scratch baking or an ice cream cone, while relaxing to the live tunes by the Audayo Brothers. Visit the beautifully restored Heritage House, the East Rosser School or take a moment in the Church before we take a leisurely ride back to the city.

Departure – 11:00 AM and Return – 2:45 PM

Location/Directions: Inkster Junction Station - 64099 Prairie Dog Trail

Hours: Departure – 11:00 AM and Return – 2:45 PM