Official Gimli Glider Day – in Gimli

July 23, 2019

Celebrating the safe landing of the plane that ran out of fuel and landed on the closed airstrip in Gimli

At the Fundraising Gala dinner, the key note speaker will be Chief Technical Pilot B747, Rick Braun, Ret.

Among his many accomplishments:

  • Conducting engineering test flights as “pilot in command” for certification flights with FAA/EASA.
  • Instructor and team lead for developing flight manuals.
  • Historic first Trans Atlantic Flight: (2011) Boeing 747-8 freighter enroute to Paris Airshow using bio diesel fuel. Introducing use of an environmentally friendly renewable jet fuel.

Also in attendance as a guest, will be Capt. Bob Pearson, Ret.  The pilot that famously landed the disabled 767-200 dubbed the “Gimli Glider”.


WHEN:  Tuesday July 23rd, 2019    6:00pm Meet & Greet    7:00pm Dinner

Limited Seating – we anticipate high interest in Speaker

FURTHER INFORMATION:  Contact Gimli Glider Exhibit 204-642-5577

Enquiries:  Barb Gluck, President, cell 204-671-0090

Details:  Website:, Facebook