Prairie Dog Central Railway – Great Train Robbery (Cowboys and Gals)

September 25, 2022

Steam Locomotive

That’s all folks, today marks the last run of the regular season! It’s been well over a century since the first train robbery and those irritating robbers are still out in force. 2022 has been a rough season as the Cowboys and Gals on horseback have continued to hold up the train and fleece our passengers of their spare cash. We have tried to dodge this gang of desperadoes all season, but they always strike when we least expect it! Enjoy our onboard live entertainment, performed by the Audayo Brothers, as we make our way though the prairies to the rural community of Grosse Isle. During the stopover, walk through our steam locomotive, savour the freshly baked goods, or pick up a souvenir from one of the vendors before enjoying more live music. Before departure, stop in the beautifully restored Heritage House, East Rosser School, and take a moment in the Church.

Hours: Departure – 11:00 AM and Return – 2:45 PM