Prairie Dog Central Railway – Great Train Robbery (Cowboys ‘n Gals)

August 14, 2022

Steam Locomotive

Rumour in the world of railroading is that those infuriating horseback robbers are on the loose and considering their next ambush. Remain vigilant as we make every effort to avoid this gang of thieves. We are hoping for an uninterrupted trip to Grosse Isle but we must stay alert and report any suspicious activity. We never know what we may encounter during this hilarious, entertaining and interactive trip. On arrival pick up a freshly prepared hotdog or smokie or enjoy your home prepared lunch but be sure to stop by for some delicious home baked goodies or an ice cream cone. Take a stroll through the beautifully restored Heritage House, East Rosser School and take a moment in the Church. Find your seat and get ready to enjoy some live music performed by the Audayo Brothers.

Hours: Departure – 11:00 AM and Return – 2:45 PM