Prairie Sea Kayak Adventures – Little Limestone/Footprint Lake (3-Day Tour)

August 19, 2022 - August 21, 2022

This is a multi-day tour that includes three separate kayaking excursions to explore northern Manitoba on both Little Limestone and Footprint Lakes. Little Limestone Lake is a rare marl lake (the largest such lake in the world) that is known for its turquoise waters, smooth pebbled shores, and its ability to change colour at different periods of the day. Marl lakes change their colour because the rising day time temperatures make the calcite in the water separate, increasing the quantity of marl in the water. This amazing lake, due to its distance from major centres, is a relatively untouched paradise.

Participants of this tour will meet on the evening of August 19 to embark on a Little Limestone Lake evening paddle, retire to a nearby lodge for some nighttime relaxation, and then return the next morning to set out for a day tour to explore deeper into the lake. On the third day, participants will explore the islands of Footprint Lake, a beautiful water body nearby our accommodations north of Grand Rapids, MB.

Note: Little Limestone Lake is 5 hours north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Lodging will be at Moak Lodge near Grand Rapids, MB, about 40 minutes way from Little Limestone Lake and 10 minutes away from Footprint Lake. Accommodations will offer shared cabin spaces. The cost for accommodations are likely to be around $100 for two nights, Participants provide their own meals and can prepare them in the shared kitchen.

Previous lake kayaking experience is required.